has anyone ever used or heard of this company?

so recently my husband and i got behind on our car payments due to me losing my job and were due to be repossessed. we saw a website called Credit-Yogi and called and gave them our info and they said a lender negotiator would contact us. A guy named Ivan Levy from Regency Financial Services contacted us and said he could help. His price was $499. He said he could get our interest and payments down and stop repo. We Paid him $275 so far and told him we would give him the rest next pay. Well now we have looked him and the company up and arent too sure about him. He isnt credited with BBB and we found a couple negative reports on ripoffreport.com and one on pissedconsumer.com. Im not sure now if he is a con artist or if he can be trusted. we told him about the reports and he said theres only 7 negavive reports out of over 15,000 clients. we asked for referneces and he said to ask credit yogi they would vouche for him. has anyone ever heard of him or the company? i dont want to give him the other $200 and then he doesnt help us. does anyone know of any reputable companies that can help us? i have a new job now and we want to get back on track but cant afford to catch up all the way in one payment. should we refinance? please and thanks

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  • Caren
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    well, you are falling for the classic online loan scam.

    in it's most simplest form.

    oh, of course he will defend himself with confronted and lie.

    you believe him? wow.

    anything you find online will be a scam. hows that for an answer.

    almost sounds like you would fall for the next guy that comes along.

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