Can you interpret my blood test?

WBC 8.0

RBC 6.50 H

HGB 12.4 L

HCT 40.0

MCV 61.6 L

MCH 19.0 L

MCHC 30.9 L

RDW 17.2 H

Pot Count 231

Neut% 54.3

Lymph% 28.4

Mono % 12.3 H

Eos% 4.2

Baso% 0.8

Neut# 4.3

Lymph# 2.3

Mono# 1.0

Eos# 0.3

Baso# 0.1

Rbc morphology ABNORMAL

Hypochromasia MARKED

Anisocytosis SLIGHT

Microcytic Cells MANY

Sodium 138

Patassium 3.8

Chloride 107

Carbon Dioxide 26

BUN 13

Creatinine 0.7 L

Est GFR 146.05

Glucose 96

Calcium 9.2

Total Creatine Kinase 147

Troponin I <0.01

Specimen Hemolysis Not Hemolyzed

25yo Hispanic Male


i do have Beta Thalassemia Minor so im always anemic.. also my D Dimer was 640 which they said normal was 250, they did a doppler of both of my legs and found nothing, what could have caused that to be high?

Update 2:

and last but not least the D Dimer, also, im 25yo hispanic male 6'2 310lbs

Update 3:

ive been having chest arm and jaw pain for years but it was alittle more painful this time so i went to the ER, i dont know if my spleen is enlarged, how would i find out? i dont get any discomfort, fullness, or pain on the upper left side of the abdomen..

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  • 7 years ago
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    In my humble opinion, these results indicate that you have iron-deficiency anaemia.

    Otherwise I don't see any consistent abnormality. You don't include your Laboratory's normal ranges, which makes interpretation more difficult.

    If your normal ranges are the same as mine, then you have extra- super- functioning kidneys, - a calculated GFR of 146 is very good!!

    In summary medical language, you have a "microcytic, hypochromic anaemia," and the usual cause for that is, your body being low on the mineral iron.

    In my humble opinion, you now need your blood iron level, - called your Ferritin level, - done, plus your inflammatory markers, - either your ESR, or your C- reactive protein.

    If an iron deficiency anaemia is confirmed, then in my humble opinion your doctor will want to find out WHY you have that. There are three main possible reasons,

    - (1) You might not have enough iron every day in your diet, or

    - (2) You might be losing a small quantity of iron from your body every day, (as blood), either in your wee ( your urine), or in your poo (your faeces). In other words, you might have some inflammation, some infection, or less likely, a small cancer in your kidneys or in your bowel, which every day is bleeding slightly, or

    - (3) You might have some very chronic disease going on in your body, but this seems a lot less likely to me.

    There are three main treatment lines,

    - (1) Replace the iron,

    - (2) Stop the body bleeding internally, if it is, and

    - (3) Fix whatever in your body is doing the bleeding, if you have a bleeding spot.

    I hope this is not more than you wanted to know!! On the other hand, if you want a non-technical breakdown of the medical jargon, please let me know.

    Best wishes,


    retired uk gp

    Source(s): We don't know if you have an enlarged spleen? If you do, then perhaps you have little blood-clots in your spleen, (splenic infarction). We don't know why you had the Troponin blood test, - have you been getting chest pains? We don't know what actual symptoms of illness you have? That's quite important. - - - Thanks, just a few people with the trait have an enlarged spleen, usually the doc can feel it in your tummy if it is enlarged, you have to breathe in whilst he presses under your left ribs gently. I see about the pain, - it would be unusual to get heart pain at your age. Hope you don't smoke too much. Let me think about it some more. We re running out of space, please send me an email to and I will give it my best shot. Best wishes.
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