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Do you think Pixar films are getting worse?

Well, to begin with Toy Story was just one of the best animated films of all time, then followed by A Bugs Life which was as good at Toy Story, then Toy Story 2 was even better than the first two films. Monsters Inc was the first Pixar film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. The following films (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouillle, Wall.E, Up, Toy Story 3) were all nominated for the Best Animated Film Oscar, however Cars didn't win the others did, and Up and Toy Story 3 were even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Then Cars 2 was released and it was the first Pixar film not to be nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar (not including Toy Story 1 & 2 and A Bugs Life, as the Best Animated Feature Oscar was introduced in 2001) then Brave was released and it was AMAZING!!!!, Monsters University is to be released within a matter of days, and it looks good, but not like the best one.

Do you think that Pixar films are becoming worse.

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    Absolutely not.

    Brian is right about how Oscars don't equal quality, but has only stated his opinion regarding Brave, and has made merely an assumption about Monsters University because he hasn't seen it yet.

    Cars 2 was definitely a fluke on Pixar's part.Though it hurts my heart to even admit it, we all know that Cars 2 wasn't of the same grand caliber that Pixar's other films are and have been. Cars 2 was an excellent children's movie. But it was not relevant to every type of person like the rest of the Pixar films are. I do think Pixar learned its lesson, though. They've set the bar so incredibly high for not only themselves, but for the entire world of Hollywood animation. We just expected more from Disney/Pixar considering their past works.

    You said yourself that Brave was amazing. And in my opinion, YES, it most certainly was. It showcased everything that we've come to know Pixar for. It was an unexpected, original story that, while it appealed to people of every age, be them male or female, still had a storyline full of relationship matters that can definitely relate to those who may be struggling within their families in real life. King Fergus's bear-slaying dynamic was something that added even more conflict to Elinor's being a bear. Like most Pixar movies, the sentiment was so beautiful that viewers easily shed many a tear. I did. And not only were the plotline and character layout brilliant, but, as always, Pixar's animation was supreme. In regards to the humor, yes, there was potty humor (which I resent) but there was also humor strategically written for older viewers (nearly every Pixar film does the latter).

    Brian says he thinks that Wreck-it-Ralph should have won the Oscar, not Brave. I have to disagree, but my opinion in this case is simply because, while I truly loved Wreck-it-Ralph, Brave is more my style-- the fairytale style. Not to mention I am a mad Disney princess fan.

    I was fascinated, but not entranced, by Wreck-it-Ralph's video game theme, simply because I am far from being a gamer. The concept-- a world of video game characters who interact within the power strip of an arcade-- is brilliant. The character layout was great, and the surprise Turbo situation was unexpected. The characters were endearing in their own ways, and in the end, it showcased the idea of sacrifice for those you care for. Many of Disney's animated films keep sacrifice as a recurring theme, which I love. I cried at Wreck-it-Ralph, too. I know the movie is well-made. No question there.

    To me, in terms of quality, Wreck-it-Ralph and Brave are equal. Two original stories with fresh characters, stunning animation, and lovely sentiment. Which one the people liked better is just based on which one appeals to *them* more.

    Monsters University. I saw it a few days after it was released. It was better than I was even expecting. And I was expecting a lot, considering it's Pixar.

    Characters first: When making a movie whose setting is based on a college campus full of people, I think it would be tricky to keep from adding superfluous characters. Side characters who are given lines in this movie are there for a reason, be the reason comic relief, story support, or the molding of surrounding characters. This movie is more centered around Mike, which I appreciate (since Sulley was the star of the first movie). This movie shows that Mike is just as lovable a character as Sulley, since he was portrayed as harsher and stricter in the original film.

    Cross-reference: There is so much reference to Monsters, Inc. in this movie. I was exceedingly pleased by this. Some references were subtler, such as only visual details, and some were obvious. If you're to catch them all, you have to know MI well. Those of us who know MI well do feel a sort of pride in our being able to spot these references.

    Plot: Very good storyline-- independent of MI, but *leads into* MI's story seamlessly. It is always clear the purpose of each scene-- there is no wondering "Why is this part important?" The climax of the film was something I didn't foresee, which is always good. Every loose end is tied up by the close of the movie.

    My final answer: No, Pixar films are not getting worse. But they're not getting better either (like Brian said). I do not mean this in a negative way, though. At this point in time, I can't see in my mind how Pixar can improve. They (again, excepting Cars 2) always, always come through. I'm not worried about Finding Dory. I'm very excited about it. I know it's going to be wonderful-- that's why I'm seeing it as soon as I can in 2015. Pixar, from what I can see, is coming out with two new movies before then (Inside Out; The Good Dinosaur). And they're not sequels/prequels. They're originals. I'm not worried about those, either. Because Pixar does it right.

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    Do you think Pixar films are getting worse?

    Well, to begin with Toy Story was just one of the best animated films of all time, then followed by A Bugs Life which was as good at Toy Story, then Toy Story 2 was even better than the first two films. Monsters Inc was the first Pixar film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated...

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    You equate Academy Awards with quality, which not necessarily true.

    First of all, the reason Pixar dominates the Best Animated Feature category is because its competition is awful. (see source) Who in their right mind would have picked Surf's Up over Ratatouille? Or Bolt over WALL-E? Or ParaNorman over Brave? No one. That's because 2/3 of all animated movies suck these days and Pixar is the lone pillar of respectability.

    Second, Up and Toy Story 3 were nominated for Best Picture...but only after the Academy expanded the field from 5 to 10 so they could nominate a broader range of movies, including animated pics and comedies. They did this to attract a larger TV audience. But believe me, an animated movie has no chance to win Best Picture. None. The Academy will acknowledge an animated film enough to nominate them, but they won't award them, especially since they have their own category anyway.

    Third, animated movies used to be more about art and morals. Now their mostly about making a quick dollar, vying for an Oscar, and pandering to young children with cheap toilet humor. I blame this downward trend on Dreamworks, not Pixar, because they've kept the moral high ground. Another sign animated movies are losing creativity is all the sequels and spin-offs...5 Shreks, 5 Ice Ages, 3 Madagascars, etc. Also, companies like Dreamworks and Sony Pictures Animation are releasing 2 or more animated movies a year. And if you've seen them, it's very clear they put little thought and creativity in their work. It's about finishing and releasing it as fast as possible and making an easy buck. But again, Pixar has mostly avoided this over the years.

    It seems now though Pixar is getting caught up in these bad trends. Let's look at their 4 most recent movies. 3 are sequels or prequels - Cars 2 was unnecessary and a terrible movie. Toy Story 3 was wonderful and totally justified. I don't know about Monsters U. because I haven't seen it yet, but a prequel 12 years after the original doesn't seem necessary. It leads me to suspect Pixar is beginning to extend their franchises for no other reason than to make a quick buck. Their only original film since 2010 was Brave, a good movie but not amazing. The story wasn't as strong and the comedy relied too much on toilet humor. It shouldn't have won Best Animated Film. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph was much better.

    Pixar movies are not getting better, but it wouldn't be fair to say they're getting worse either, unless they had a string of garbage like Cars 2 which thankfully hasn't happened. But I'm worried about their future. I'm worried if they don't get back to making great original movies like Ratatouille and WALL-E, they may go down the route of Dreamworks, where most of their work is mediocre or crap and even their best is nothing special.

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    I honestly feel like Pixar movies ARE getting worse. I think it has everything to do with Disney's acquisition of Pixar. I believe we are beginning to see corporate minds at work here. Do not expect an abundance of unique and adventurous movies- which is what Pixar is normally known for. Instead, expect more of Cars 2 and other unnecessary sequels... there are corporate minds at work. Their goal? MERCHANDISE.

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    I haven't seen Cars 2 yet, but the first one wasn't that bad. It was far from their best, but not bad. I think my least favorite is either A Bug's Life or Wall-E. Still, even Pixar's worst movie is better than most CG films.

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    No, if anything they are becoming much better and inventive. And Monsters University was great! I was really surprised, they did a wonderful job on it. Wrote a small review about it on my blog: http://itsasmallfilmworldafterall.wordpress.com/20...

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    No not at all, they're getting better

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