If I order a complete longboard will it come with spacers and/or speed washers?

I don't know much about longboards but I hear these are good to have. I'm getting a "complete" arbor board from Boards by Nord, which I can choose the parts for, so I'm thinking with bones reds bearing, abec 11 flashback wheels and paris trucks... will it come assembled with spacers in it or not?

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  • 6 years ago
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    The speed rings will probably come with your order, because they are usually packaged with the truck, but the spacers usually dont, they arent necessary, but are good to have just in case. Spacers keep the bearings in a fixed position, allowing them to stay in a stabilized position without moving around too much. But if you want to make sure that the board does come with both, then you should buy it from daddiesboardshop.com, I buy all my equipment from here, and they have pretty good prices.

    Source(s): I have both on my longboard. My setup: Board: Freeride 41 stag Trucks: Caliber 50's Bushings: Khiro 85a Wheels: S9 Butterballs 70mm Bearings: Super reds Hardware: 1 inch DBS bolts Grip: Jessup
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