Haemochromatosis: told I may have it, does anyone know anything about the testing scale for it?

Last week I had bloodwork done. Seems I may have prediabetes or diabetes, glucose test tomorrow. Also told I may have haemochromatosis, the nurse I spoke with by phone this morning said the haemochromatosis result was something like 145, thing is the hospital here only run further tests (genertic test according to the nurse) if the result is higher than 170 or something. So I don't have it, I asked....only to be told no, I may have it but they have a procedure in place whereby they'll only run further tests if the result is higher. So in essence they don't know whether I have it or not? And they won't run any more tests? Does that sound a bit odd to you? Thanks.

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  • 6 years ago
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    It means you have too high of a serum iron level. It is very dangerous to your heart, liver, kidneys to carry too high a load of iron. Some people have a genetic condition where they cannot clear iron from their bodies, and it gets too high of a level. This usually affects more men than women, but it is still rare. They have to do a chelation procedure (IVs) to help lower the iron content in your body to protect your heart.

  • 4 years ago

    Over 400 is when it's most dangerous.

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