Problem with AMD Ramdisk?

I downloaded the 4GB version of AMD Ramdisk and when I went to use the installer it said it supports windows x86 x64 versions and says it does not support server versions of windows, then the installer closes. But I dont have a server version of windows 8. I have the full version of windows 8 (x64) that came with my computer. My question is, why wont it work? i have the supported version. Does it matter if i downloaded the recent windows 8 update that adds a start button and some different looks? please answer. I really want this amd diskram

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I downloaded Windows 8.1 and AMD Ramdisk does not install for me as well. Hopefully they will update their software to support Windows 8.1

    You can download RAMdisk from here:

    works well in Windows 8.1 however the free version has a drive limit of 4GB.

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