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Why do people still say Alex Smith is "mediocre" and "only a game manager"?

He won playoff games, which is what elite QBs do. Yea, I know Mark Sanchez won playoff games too, but now he is terrible. Alex Smith is even better now than when he won playoff games. Yea he had a great supporting cast, but so do all playoff winning teams. All he needed was some consistency at coaching, and when he got it, he was great. Even when he has proved all of the haters wrong, he is still disrespected.

Will the haters FINALLY admit they are wrong when Smith does great this year, or will the haters always be hating?

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    He was considered a bust, until Harbaugh came in and coached him up.

    As a Smith fan-boy, you should be stoked that people are even calling him mediocre. He's barely earned that right.

    You don't go from bust to good overnight. Smith is going to have to string together a couple good seasons in KC for me to change my mind about him.

    If you're a top 5 QB, you're 'elite'.

    If you're ranked anywhere between 6 and 10, you're good.

    If you're ranked anywhere between 11 and 15, you're above average

    If you're ranked anywhere between 16 and 20, you're average.

    If you're ranked anything below that, you're either below average or you suck.

    I have Smith ranked somewhere between 16 and 20, making him an average QB. You're crazy if you think Alex Smith is a top 10 QB.

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    So...... the difference between Mark Sanchez and Alex Smith is Mark Sanchez hasn't been in the playoffs for a few years?

    I'm sorry, but you can't say that Alex Smith was winning playoff games like elite QBs, then turn around and call Sanchez a terrible QB, basing it off of not winning playoff games, still justifying that Smith is a good QB without playoff wins either. It's a tad hypocritical. A quarterback is more than the playoffs. I will never call Joe Flacco an elite QB just based off of the fact that he has yet to throw for over 4,000 YDs and 25 TDs. Alex Smith is mediocre, Harbaugh didn't change that. Smith is going to need to play at Flacco's level before I even call him good. Until then, he'll be below average.

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    He is a medicore QB and if, and thats a big IF he does well this season I will admit I am wrong. The guy has thrown for 3000 yards what? Once i think. Since you are talking about playoffs, in the last 3 seasons he hasn't even hit 18 TD passes? Is this what you consider better then a medicore QB??? The only reason S.F. had a few good years is because the coach and an outstanding def. Bet Kaepernick has a better season than Smith. I like the Chiefs and hope I am wrong, only time will tell.

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    I like Alex Smith, I think he is a good QB, but simply winning a few playoff games does not make you a QB.

    Putting the team on your back as a QB in the playoffs is what makes you above mediocre.

    While, as previously stated, I think Smith is good, most of his success has ridden on the coattails of one of the best defenses in the league and Frank Gore, while only being trusted to make safe throws.

    Alex Smith has not been much of a game breaker. He was splendid last season, but only for part of the year, and partly due to his amazing supporting cast and the fact that he played in a very safe offense due to his limited arm.

    Andy Reid should make use of a QB like Smith, but outside of his limited participation in last season, he has had one mediocre season and a career of inept seasons. He needs to be good for another year before anybody can call him more than mediocre (not to mention the fact that mediocre in the period of Qbs is pretty good, considering there are plenty of quality QBs that barely make the top 20 in today's league).

    Yes, if he does great this year, a lot of people will change their minds about him, but there is plenty of reason to doubt he is an above average QB, even if I wouldn't particularly agree.

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    He is a bust and will always be a bust. then Harbaugh came and changed stuff only letting Smith throw the ball like 3 times a game it was Harbaughs Defense that won the playoff games not Alex Smith i dont even consider him a Top 20 starting QB in the NFL the Chiefs will do just as bad as they did with Cassel with Smith watch they will finish 6-10 or worse.

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    Smith is a decent QB at best.

    He's not a Top 15 QB in the league, he is not elite.

    KC is taking a gamble on him and as long as Charles stays health and KC can run the ball Smith will do OK. Problem is Charles staying healthy.

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    Actually, it depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Alex Smith works hard and performs very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of becoming an elite NFL quarterback in the future.

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    First, managing the game is not an easy task.

    Smith had 7 coordinators in 7 years, he was not put in a good situation until two seasons ago. Expect big numbers with the Chiefs, Andy Reid will put him in an offensive scheme tailormade to his own talents

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