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Rick asked in SportsAuto RacingNASCAR · 7 years ago

How many free passes did NASCAR have to give Danica Patrick on the lead lap in this weeks race?

It usually takes at least 2 or 3 and NASCAR calls them as needed. I fell asleep about halfway through todays race and lost count. Does anyone have the actual count? At the current rate, Danica is on course to break yet another NASCAR record. She is going to be hard to beat for the most "Lucky Dog" free passes in a single season.


The question should read ... How many free passes did NASCAR have to give Danica Patrick TO KEEP HER on the lead lap in this weeks race?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Danica got three that the announcers reported. Denny Hamlin got one which was against the rules as he caused the caution whereby he got the free pass. Gordon got none but was caught in the pits twice by cautions caused by Hamlin and the 43 car. All the Jimmie haters saw him cheat again this weekend after showing that he was the car to beat and then getting attacked by NASCAR. They ran the last 20 laps with no caution, a very unusual happening but it kept Jimmie from passing more than 13 vehicles at the end. Danica finished well for her as she was in the top 30 or maybe that was in the bottom 25.

  • 4 years ago

    Giggity is right, Susie is a exceptionally woman too yet she isn't racing in a left-exceeded, rolling billboard. Danica needs her protecting clothing yet i might prefer to be sure her drop trou, moon the digicam and turn off the followers interior the winners circle. RScott

  • 7 years ago

    Don't pay no mind to the Danica lovers that answered here Rick.

    We true fans know Danica is like breast milk to a new born baby. The more them little tots drink the bigger they get, the more crap they spew and the more attension they demand.

    Nascar is like a first time new parent parading their newborn child for all to see. But in this case the child is already to big for it's britches and spoiled rotten!

    Source(s): This message brought to you by the collation for a Danica free Nascar.
  • Hawk M
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    7 years ago

    She got one, I think Jeff Gordon got 2

    They were really having right front tire issues.

    Denny Hamkin blew out his twice.. He has to be care, he's been in a of bad crashes this season.

    The effects add up

    I couldn't believe that Jimmie Johnson got fooled on a restart again.

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  • mbl
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    7 years ago

    Happy to see you're still content to be a clueless fool.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


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