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Leasing my horse questions?

So if you saw my former question about what I should do with my horse while I'm abroad for 16 weeks, leasing my horse was what was suggested. This is kinda a follow up question. Or questions;) What is a typical lease agreement? What should I pay for/what should they pay for? Should she stay at my place or there's? Remember, I will be gone, so if she says at my place I will still have to find someone to care for her. How will I know she's being treated properly while I'm away? What should I charge?

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    Not allowed to take your horse out on the roads without your permission, cannot participate in any disciplines not within your horse's insurance, horse must come back looking how she left, all tack and equipment must be kept in good condition, etc..

    You should keep your horse at your's because it's not a very long time and so there is no point in moving your horse for a few months.

    You could get someone who is on your yard to check up on her once a day or a couple of times a week just to make sure she's being cared for and ridden properly.

    Figure out how much it costs you to look after your horse per week, add $5 or $10, times that by sixteen and that's how much you should charge while you're away. For example, if it costs you $40 per week, add $10, then times the $50 by sixteen and that would be $800 for the sixteen weeks.

    Hope I've helped :)

    Source(s): Loaned two horses and seen and signed both contracts.
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    i think that you should lease your horse to someone with allot of experience and is not to far away from your house. it would probably be better for the horse to be at there house so they don't forget about the horse haha. don't charge them. they will be taking care of your horse for you. make them pay for the food but you should still pay for farrier and vet if he need to go. if he gets hurt under there watch maybe you could have a agreement that they pay for the vet. make sure you meet the people at least twice before you leave your horse with them and look at there property.

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