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I want to redo my room?URGENT?

So i have a relatively big room, and right now the color scheme is something along the lines of pink purple and magenta. The carpeting is a dark deep purple, and my door frames and closet door are magenta (both of which colors i want to keep). My walls are a brighter pale pink which i want to get rid of. What color might look good with those colors? Also, i want to get a loft bed, something along the lines of this one:

what i would want to do is get rid of the top mattress and replace it with a small love seat, and keep the bottom bed. And also, is there maybe a loft bunk like this that would be able to fit a full bed in the bottom space? if anyone could answer these questions, that would be great. sorry if this is too much to answer.

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  • Ben
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    7 years ago
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    If you hit the Valspar website you can upload your photo and change the colors accordingly with their online color selector.

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