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Help! What do I do with my horse for 16 weeks?!?

Next year, I have the opportunity to study abroad for 8 weeks, and go on a mission trip for another 8. I really want to go, and have wanted to go for as long as I can remember. The problem is, now I have a horse. How can I leave her? I certainly can't take her! Selling her is not an option so don't suggest it. Would she be alright if I had someone come and work and feed her or should I full time board her somewhere? How much would she stress out with the change in routine? Will she not remember me when I get back?

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    You can lease her out. A lot of college students do that. Heck, my friend does it! You don't need to sell her if you're going away for only 16 weeks. There's people who lease their horses out for months or until they're done college and come home for summer break. :)

    I hope this helped!

    Also, if you have friends who ride and know how to care for a horse you can ask them. I'm sure your friends wouldn't mind, especially if they loooove horses.

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    Board her someplace and lease her out for the 4 months you are gone. She will be ok, horses are use to people coming and going into and out of their lives.

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