how much materials for plaster?

I would like to know how much sand.lime and portland cement I would need to plaster two coats on my home I have 820 square feet to cover.I would like to know many bags of white stucco I would need to go over he brown coat .Do they make a tint that could be used to color the white coat like a beige or gray finish.

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    8 years ago
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    This seems like a fairly big job for a do it yourself kind of thing, especially if you have no experience with lathing and plastering. Though i'm assuming you've finished the lathing since that is not included in the details. What I would do is buy 8 sacks of pure plastic cement, 2 scoops of WASHED PLASTER sand, and 3-4 sacks stucco (which can be mixed with color to give you the finish you want) from your local material store. (avoid big chain companies like lowes or home depot. they tend to overcharge for this stuff).

    A little more detail would have been useful, but to give you a good example on how you apply this material heres a vid of one of my favorite youtube channels that specializes in this sort of thing.

    Youtube thumbnail

    The general idea is to do the entire job in 3 stages. Scratch, Brown, and Color. If you were to try to put the cement in one stage it will fall, this will usually take at least 2 weeks though you can do it in 3 days (at your own risk).

    Source(s): Future Lathing & Plastering Contractor.
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