Slight pain on lower left abdomen?

Okay, this morning (roughly one hour ago) I woke up not to the pain, but by my father waking me up. I was sleeping on my left side, and I was kind of crunched up, which could explain that maybe this pain was just irritation? I tend to sleep on my left side in a crunched up position.

Anyway, I go on my right side and crunch up, my pain is still there and it's still slight. Shrugging it off, I walk into the restroom and use the toilet. There, the pain wasn't even noticeable! It would come on every 20 seconds and only last for a second, and it was unnoticeable unless I kept my mind on it.

Anyway, that was 20 minutes ago. I am hungry, I just woke up, but the pain can't be that because it doesn't feel like a hunger pain, and it doesn't feel like a really sharp pain because it's not really noticeable, it just feels like if somebody's poking at my lower left abdomen for a second and stops. The pain is still sharp, but it's not noticeable sharp like I already said, it's like a little pinch that comes and goes.

I'm sitting on a chair now, and the pain is considerably more noticeable, but still not sharp and major that I have to run to the hospital or to a doctor. It's just... it feels like a pulled muscle. A pulled stomach muscle, but all I did yesterday was stretch, watch TV on the couch, and sleep in that position I already stated. Weird. Maybe it was my stretching.that caused it.

I highly doubt, no, I deny the fact that this pain could be anything (MAJOR) like it says on the internet. I was reading abdomen cancer, large intestine bubbles, food bubbles, kidney stones...

I'm 14 and I highly doubt anything major is the case.

Please help?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's probably just a pulled muscle either from stretching or sleeping in position I get them all the time in my side and neck but tell your dad just incase

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if it hurts bad enough to cause concern, see a doctor. if its gets bad, go to the E.R.

    you said youre 14... tell an adult and they will make a choice for you.

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