I am a soldier and need TBI advice on treatment..?

I am an Army Sgt and am convinced I am suffering from TBI. The medical facilities at my post are already 2 Million over there budget on regular medical and understaffed at Behavioral Health. I told them I am concerned about TBI and they told me since they have no baseline scan and record of combat related incidence that they will not do a scan on me. I have had over a dozen concussions and only a few were work related so I can understand why they don't want to help me, but when I hit my head at work it puts me in a horrible mental state liek my brain doesn't work anymore and I almost commited myself that last time. I hit my head pretty good last week and the same day was told I had a board the next morning. I went into the board and was a mess. I forgot I had hit my head and now 3 days later as I start to feel better I realized that my head was soar still from it. My brow is not straight anymore. I have been in many fights before and had my head smacked on concrete several times. I have slipped and hit my head and been knocked out before and at other times just passed out which resulted in falls. Once after hitting my head I could not walk straight and it took me over half an hour to stand up. I know the Army is poor right now but my leadership won't excuse my absent memory and does not understand what I am going through. My 1SG told me I don't need to be in the Army anymore. Since only a few of my concussions were work related and not documented I am concerned that I will just be kicked out or reduced in rank without any treatment. I think my best bet is to go the Navy Hospital that is better funded and staffed but I am concerned if they can not find anything I will be accused of malingering. Maybe there is no treatment and I will just be discharged but I think it would be more honorable then just being considered a dirtbag. I am in a new company but prior all my promotions have been meritorious, 3 with waiver and a latteral promotion to corporal. I hate being treated like **** by those who don't know me now after being in for almost 9 years, I feel my career is over regardless. If i do demand scans and they are empty I think it will be certain doom for me. Can someone with experience with this give me some insight I might be missing.


The worst thing that happen to me that actually started my decline was swept under the rug. I had elbowed another soldier in the face and a few months later while I was walking through a construction yard he came at me in the dark and laid me out on my back. Since we were both drinking and not suppose to be, admitting that to the military could get several people in trouble, but now my brain is ****** anyways. One case where I hit my head was documented because a soldier died and I hit my head responding to the situation, so it was noted in the investigations but as the primary witness they did not send me for any emotional or physical treatment they just interrogated me for weeks. At the time I didn't realize what TBI was. Honestly until I got laid out for the last and worse time I thought it was temporary symptoms.

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    TBI does not fall under Behavioral Health. TBI is a somatic (physical) injury, not a mental or emotional issue although it can manifest itself by altering mood or memory.

    Your problem is that you have admitted you have no record of head injury at all. If you actually had work-related concussions there would be some sort of documentation. Sounds like most of your injury issues have little or nothing to do with the military, just poor judgement/actions on your part (fighting, falling, etc.).

    From your admission ("Since only a few of my concussions were work related and not documented...") it is unlikely that you could or would be discharged on a medical disability.

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  • No disrespect to you and your TBI. Was this an line of duty incident. If so, they are responsible for your injury. If you sustain the injury while fighting or before you were enlisted in the Army, No! Lets say you did sustain the injury in an Line Of Duty, they are and you should not go to you line leader or chain of command. They will denied any incident of your injury. I should know this considering I was one of those unlucky ones (tell you more about it). This is what you should do. Contact your medical support team yourself. Ours is the 88th Medical Support and get a family doctor. Mine did everything for me and plus gave me 25,000.00 dollars from my service group life insurance which covers any traumatic injury you had sustain serving in the army forces even when you leave. plus it is retroactive, no matter how long it has been. That information is located on the tsgli web site or human resources. I broke my ankle and it was an LOD. Chain of Command were saying they were not responsible for my injury. I went over there head and contact JAG who lead me to 88 support medical team or the Medical Review Board. They told me to have my doctor email them copies of the injury and all was resolved. I can feel you considering my career was gone and the ones who had my back no longer will look at me. Talk about the warriors ethos. If you need more help I can help you out. Fist fine out who your medical support team, then go from there. If you do not get a response look it up on the internet. I am a army reservists, not full time. You do have the Medical Review Board and JAG, and your TSGLI which can be found on Human Resources, also get a family doctor. It is a MRB regulation that you do not have to go to a military medical facility, that choice is up to you. please let me know how things work out for you. The military will try to denied anything wrong with there soldiers and undermine there profiles.

    Source(s): Army Human Resources, JAG, Medical Review Board, TSGLI
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    if you are STILL active duty, it doesn't matter if your local military medical facility is 'over budget' (there's a concept...a military ANYTHING that ISN'T over budget?). if they are full, ask for a referral to a civilian clinic or hospital for treatment (hopefully they accept tricare), or for a permissive TAD to another military medical facility for treatment.

    if you are OUT, then you have to go to the VA...ask the same questions, press for the same options.

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