What side dish goes with pizza?

I'm having a few people over for pizza. What else can I serve with it?

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    Garlic Bread

    Cheesy Garlic Bread

    Onion Rings

    Garlic Mushrooms

    Grilled Lamb Kebabs


    Grilled Chicken Strips

    Pork Gyros

    Grilled Turkey Steaks

    Potato Skins

    Buffalo Wings,

    Bread Sticks and Dipping Sauce (i.e. Hummus, Garlic'n'Herb, Mint Yogurt etc)

    Pasta (i.e. Carbonara Pasta, Seafood Pasta, Spaghetti and Meatballs etc)

    Salad (i.e. Caesar Salad, Greek Salad, Coleslaw, Potato Salad etc)

    Corn on the Cob

    Grilled Eggplant or Zucchini

    Grilled Shrimp


    Grilled Fish

    Basically anything that you and your friends like for example me and my mates used to have Onion Bhaji's, its Indian food but it still went really well with Pizza.

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Cookbook - http://paleocookbook.raiwi.com/?hYkH
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    Pizza Side Dishes

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    Side Dishes For Pizza

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    It really depends on your taste. Whenever I have pizza, its generally eather fries or garlic bread that I have. Both are sometimes served at pizza restaraunts as a side dish, so they must be one of the most liked side dishes for pizza. Also breadsticks are usually a favourate too. Just try different things with your pizza and your bound to find something you like

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    Hot Wings




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    What side dish goes with pizza?

    I'm having a few people over for pizza. What else can I serve with it?

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    Drinks such as beer or a glass of wine. I make a wind cooler with a little bit of wine and a good amount if 7 up or ginger ale. A lite or small salad with Italian dressing, maybe some bread sticks. That is more the enough unless you having a big crowd or not enough Pizza to go around. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

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    Good sides to go with pizza are usually things like:

    - Cheesy bread, or garlic bead sticks

    - Ceaser or Greek salad

    - Buffalo wings

    - Fries

    - Cinnamon bread sticks with icing.

  • A garden salad...spring greens, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, sweet onions like vidalia, sweet bell peppers, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, black olives...served with Italian dressing.

    Edit: Someone said beer, too. Yes. Budweiser or Bud Light goes best with pizza and salad.

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