Make up a dramatic back story too...?

The person im describing here.

He is taller then the average person, got a bent back, with fur clothes covering him. He got yellow teeth with long black hair. He look old but also got a very evil smile on his face. His eyes are green as the forest but sometimes they can look red as fire. You can often see him wandering in the woods with his walking stick, mumbles about all kinds of things, and how he disgusts them.

Make up anything, be creative. And please, no one sentence answers.

You can add things and change some (maybe the walking stick is a staff for the once wanting to write a fantasy back story to him)

Good luck!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Guy used to live in the ghetto, in a particular area ruled by gangs. Maybe 5 years back, the guy had a dog name lisa, who was his best friend and companion, but it barked at some people walking along the fence by their front yard, who had blood on their hands, (because these particular fellows just killed a rival gang member). So they take a gun and shoot it into its head, much to our guy's horror. He saw the whole thing from his kitchen window while snacking, and then comes out in a rage and snaps, hitting the guy with the gun with a pole at the back of his head while he wasn't looking, and then attacking the others ending up breaking anothers leg. A long times passed since then and now, The guy lives in a forrest, and walks around as much for enjoyment, as for patrolling his property, because now he's fearsly territorial, and wont let anybody set foot in his terrain unless invited. Perhaps he can have a strong southern accent and stores a shotgun in his house for invaders. He's alone and likes it that way. Actually preferring it. He's determined to be independent tell the day he dies, and then will give the property to the wild life sanctuary, 1 because he actually cares about the forrest, and 2 so nobody else will get to live there. His house has solar panels and a garden patch and some rain barrels, and he's actually eco-freandly. Loosely nicknamed angry Rob, and occasionally called the green man, everyone in his part of town knows about him. He's not afraid of nobody, but is a little weary of strangers. He has a bad temper, once you get him going, but to anyones great surprise who is near him at the time, he is really good with animals, and maybe a animal whisperer. Even the crows like him. He one time got a escaped horse to calm down and let him rope it to take it back t it's owner. So everyone knows who to ask (though a daring and dangerous feat if having to venture on his property to ask him) to help them find and get there escaped farm animals, and runaway dogs.

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