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Should I take AP Psychology or AP Statistics?

Hi, I'm going into senior year next year. The courses I will be for sure taking are:

- AP English Lit

- AP Calculus

- AP Physics

- AP Chemistry

- AP Biology

However my school has the rule that seniors must take a minimum of 6 courses, i only have 5. I am torn between either taking AP psychology or AP statistics as my 6th course. Which one do you recommend I take and why? My ultimate goal is medical school. I am very strong in math and in memorizing.

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    My brother was planning on going to Pre-Med when he was going to be a senior, and he took AP Psychology and LOVED it! Taking that class made him consider majoring in Psychology.

    It's your senior year and you're taking a ton of AP classes, so just pick whichever class you think you'll enjoy more.

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    AP Psychology is considered one of the easier AP courses the College Board offers. AP Statistics would be considered a better option if you want a very rigorous schedule.

    However, seeing as you want to get into pre-med then it would be better to take AP Psychology so you won't have to take it later in college. Since you already have five AP courses, include Calculus, not taking AP Statistics shouldn't be a big deal to the admissions people. Your schedule is currently quite rigorous!

    It would probably also be very helpful to see what type of requirements pre-med needs so you'll be even more prepared. It'll help with getting certain things done during high school so you won't have to worry about it later.

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    If I were you, I would take AP statistics because it would keep you from having to take during the "general requirements" period of your college years. Also, depending on what college you want to go to, their pre-medical program may require that you take a psychology course. If that is so, they most likely will not count that AP credit because it interferes with your major.

    *Please keep in mind that most colleges do not accept AP credits if they coincide with your major, but they still do look very good on your application.

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    Since you will be taking AP Calc and are good at math go with the psych! I took it my junior year and got a 5. The concepts are deep and can be related to and pertain to all your subjects. It will also help you to understand the people you encounter in life and rationale for actions. This class is so neat! I LOVED IT!

    Source(s): AP Student
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    why not AP psychology? since you're planning to take on medicine ^_^

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