Bhutan or Nepal ? where should i travel?

where should i travel ? i'm a indian citizen and i don't have a passport , the only ID i need to have is the I-CARD issued to me by me college , i know indians don't need visa or passport to travel to nepal or bhutan, but can i get through with my ID CARD ? its not Govt issued but it is official id card issue by my college and has my phone number and address on it

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Just get a passport and relax... for example what if your flight is diverted to a place where passport is necessary.

    2. Nepal is mainly more India in culture, people, languages, terrain, and things to do and see. Certainly it is CONCENTRATED India with Hindu and Buddhist close together. Of course, no other place civilized has the Himalayas on one side and a jungle on the other. So, if you know India, Nepal will feel and look like home. KTM has some top quality brass foundries.

    3. Bhutan is not the same. Bhutan is small in population and very varied in terrain. It is very Tibetan Buddhist and lots of English is spoken there. Tourists numbers are limited, good, and the travel entry fee includes hotel and food per day. If you enter by land, think ahead about a rough ride and maybe blocked roads on the way to the capital. But very little stuff that tourists like to do... tiny disco, only local bars, and after a wonderful river ride, a peek at a temple, and a drive around Paro and Thimphu, you have covered touristy Bhutan; i.e., great to look at a last pristine land on Earth, but...................

    Source(s): Had several months in Nepal and three visits to Bhutan.
  • Bises
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    7 years ago

    Nepal is better to travel in comparison to others!! ,yeah you don't need visa but you should have a authorized government issued ID card like ration card, Citizenship, Passport etc .

  • 6 years ago

    Nepal is overcroweded, dirty, disorganized but has far more spectacular mountains and views. There are more options as far as food and hotels especially if you're in Kathmandu.

    Bhutan is much cleaner and more organized and also much more expensive than Bhutan. The population is miniscule and architecture and culture and very distinct.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You better come to Nepal.

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