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Film & TV Director / Hematologist?

Hi. I'm about to be 16 and about to go into my junior year of high school. When I was little, I would change my career everyday, from meteorologist to doctor etc. The past couple of year, I have had no idea what I would do as a career. Up until recently, I was completely lost. However, recently I've been really getting interested in the world of film and acting. Looking back now, I've always been interested in cameras and how videos and animations are made as well as how actors interact on screen. The past year, I've been in Intro to Theatre as a class, and I realized I actually really enjoy it. Now, I think I may want to pursue a career as both an actor and a director. Believe me, I've done my research and looked at interviews and I have a pretty good idea of just how difficult both of those industries are to be successful in. But, this is something I realized I really want to do with the rest of my life. However, I know that very few schools offer directing programs, and many film schools will either take your money or just teach you uselessness about the history of film. I also know that it's EXTREMELY difficult for beginning actors to find jobs and make money because most of the time they get rejected at auditions. But once again, when I look to the future, this is the thing I have the biggest passion for.

Now, when I started to even hint that this is the direction I want to go to towards my parents, they immediately shot it down. They made it very clear to me that actors are deadbeats and make no money in their eyes. I don't listen to any of my parents opinions, but I know just how hard it's going to be to break into this industry will little to no cash and very little training (other than a few short films I've made for school). So, I've created the stupidest plan on earth. I'm thinking of reviving my old dream of being a doctor and I'll start training to be a hematologist (they made ridiculous money btw). Once I finish school and start making some money, I can start putting my acting/directing plan into effect and start living the dream. If it doesn't work, I still have income as a doctor. Even though a hematologist is an okay job in my opinion, I definitely don't wanna do that forever.

Please, please tell my if this could possibly work at all. I know how hard it is to be a doctor and how much it is, but still please help me. I'm at a dead zone and I need to start telling my parents my career goals and looking at colleges. Please help my figure out if this is worth a shot, because I don't wanna give up on my dream.

Additional: I'm not very good at math and science

I chose hematology because I'm interested in how blood poisoning and cancer affect the body

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    If you are not very good in math or science, you may have a difficult time pursuing any MD degrees. You will need to meet the core requirements for your degrees and this may mean hiring tutors to help you with math and science. You can do it but it will require a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment.

    If you want to be an actor, you really need to get into a well-respected acting school (preferably in Los Angeles or New York where the majority of the work can be found, and excel in the eyes of the instructors. If you do well enough, you will be exposed to industry professionals including agents, casting directors, producers, directors... and you can build a group of people to network with - including fellow students. If you can do that, you increase your small chances of success.

    You need to consider that there are a lot of graduates of these schools who are working odd jobs and still looking for their break - many will not get the break they so desire so you will be competing with all of these actors as well as more established actors for the available roles. Is it impossible? No. Can you do it? Yes. Is it guaranteed? No. If it is your dream, give it a try so that you do not live in regret.

    Becoming a director can be more challenging than becoming an actor. If you really want to become a director, get into film making courses in college and learn the business. Then either find a talented writer to write a screen play or find a book that you feel you could turn into a great movie and try to film your own independent movie and try to enter it into some of the film festivals in the link provided below. If you gain high recognition, you may end up earning an entry into Hollywood directing based on your independent film(s) success.

    If you become a successful director, you might start taking bit parts in your movies to "scratch your itch" to act. Another trait that you need as a successful director - you need to be able to read people and understand people. You need to develop deep characters that the audience will believe in your films. If you can do that, you are on your way.

    None of these will be easy. Becoming a hematologist is the closest to guaranteed career you can have of these three options but if your real dream is to be an actor/director - give your dream a chance and work hard for your dream.

    All the best to you!

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  • 7 years ago

    My first wife became a medical doctor and an anesthesiologist while we were married. I hold an MFA in theater from a school that produced actors and directors that I could name and you would recognize.

    Your plan is unbelievably stupid. You can't possibly survive the 7-9 years of college, medical school, internship and whatever residency term is required for hematology and still have any preparation for acting or modern day directing.

    If you really want to have some kind of medical training under your belt to deceive your parents (presumably into supporting you and paying for at least part of college) then finish high school, do the two years of basic college including some drama with some content of premed and claim to be working for a nursing career or a medical technologist. By then you will be well over 18 and can go off to fight your own battles on the hunger lines with thousands of other semi-employed actors and would be directors.

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  • Jayme
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    4 years ago

    Hi. I would recommend studying film production in university, which will give you a good degree in film production. With this degree it is easier to work for film companies etc.. But you really need to decide what you want to do. Is it film you want to do, or TV? The two are very different. This is something you need to decide. I would recommend film over working in TV. It's more enjoyable to work in film, but I guess that also depends on you as an individual. You could always start out at film school, but they are quite expensive, but highly recommended. I study film production at university, but I am also looking for work experience in film companies. A lot of people are looking for students to come and work for them. I currently write my won scripts and have directed a couple of short films. All i need to do now is finish some scripts, then I should have a big break, but you have to be specific concerning the area you want to go into. Choose, and then stick with it, and then try to make it, even if it kills you. The film industry is very competitive. Start looking at film schools and stuff and start there. Hope this helped. Good Luck.

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