What are the benefits of joining the u.s. navy? and what are the cons?

I'm 22 years old and have been very interested in the u.s. navy. I'd like to know the good and bad about it, the benefits, the pay, the hardships, what recruiters don't tell you, those tiny letters in the contracts, contract lengths,(minimum to maximum years) the type of jobs available, I'm interested in the food and medical field, everything. I'm also 6 foot tall and roughly 160 pounds. I'm a bit out of shape due to the fact that I don't have much stamina, I also can't swim which I'm pretty sure is a big deal in that type of field. I live in Miami, FL. Also, what would be the best time to enlist? weather, first come first serve, etc.


thank you NO SLACK. I felt very good there reading your answer until you know, the inevitable death and death by drowning part.

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    Back in 2009 when I was 22 years old at the time, I signed up for the navy and after 4 year and 1 tour of duty, I can say yes there are pro and con.

    Pro: Really the boot camp isn't THAT hard, you just need to learn to follow instruction and be a team player while physically fit to pass PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment) You get to learn some skill while at it like line handling and how to save the ship. (We are ALL firefighters in the NAVY) you get to served with other shipmate (they are like your family) Traveling isn't bad either (I was assigned to a Carrier and I went to Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Greece, Dubai)

    Con: its long working day (you work 6-8 hour in port and if you are deployed, you work 12-14 hours) Ground hog day (everyday feel the same job different day) paid (while you get benefit like medical cares, BAH and etc) isn't that great as enlisted. I started as E-3 making just about 1200 dollars and right now after 4 year, I am only making 2000 as E-5 (PO2 or same as a SGT) The same coin about travel, it can be a con too, the 3 and half year I was attached to the Carrier, I been part of 3 deployments. Food, the so call Cook or Culinary Specialist stink at making food. (Heck, Mickey D is a lot better than what they made) Cleaning, you spend a lot of time being a janitor. Immaturity in the fleet, you have sailors who are lazy and think is still high school and it can be frustrated to deal with this crap. Chain of Command, sometimes they are not the best leaders to look to (last year 13 Skipper have been fired in the fleet.)

    Now, contract, you sign for 4 year on the first term and if navy let you stay and you do decided to, you make your term (I just signed for 3 more year) Job wise, when you go to processing with your recruiter, you can pick a list of job they have available for you base availability. If you are NOT overly out of shape, you should be fine. As far as death, like any branch, you sign on knowing may die at any time and I have seem it (3 years ago, one of our aircraft went down, one of the pilot was never recovered.) Unlike what NO SLACK says, we have NOT have a ship sunk since 1950 and uniforms are not free either, the first set come out of your check and you will have to buy more once worn out (they do give you extra 200-300 dollar once a year to buy uniform. (uniforms are not cheap, 90 for a set of camo uniform, 80 for service uniform and good 80-90 for dress uniform.)


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    Benefits: Free room and board, uniform, health care, and pay.

    Cons: Death from war. Drowning at sea.

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