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Anthony asked in HealthMental Health · 8 years ago

What do you think I should do?

Everyone has problems, may it be simple or complicated, appearance or emotional, acceptable or not, medical or civil, monetary or not that makes everyday living like hell. Every problem is unique to each and every individual, so you can never judge another individual's inability to solve his own problems and you can never compare his/her problem with yours. Sometimes we just want someone to hear our deepest problems just for the benefit of comfort, but some problems are just beyond from our abilities to solve it.

What will you do if you are a pedophile, but you have no one to trust to tell it and it keeps bothering you everyday. Even to your own relatives you can never tell, because you are afraid they might reject you and even have you locked up. You want to tell it to your mama or your papa, but they are no longer among the living. You just want someone to talk with who can understand you, who can understand your pedophilia. If you seek also for medical help from psychologist or psychiatrist you are afraid that your whole family and friends will know, so what should you do? What should I do? I always thought of thinking of going to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, but don't have the courage to do so, because I am afraid that my relatives might reject me and everyone will know and they will be looking at me as someone who molest children, which I am not. I really like children so much and I wouldn't and couldn't do anything to hurt them, but I am still afraid because I am only human vulnerable to temptation. What should I do? Continue living and hide it or Continue living and tell everybody?

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    8 years ago
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    It can be quite dangerous to tell someone. You should think carefully if you want to tell someone. Note, that there aren't only possibilities to tell no one and to tell everyone. You can tell a few people, that should help you too. Maybe you can join some websites to talk about pedophilia, for example If you want to tell someone, the good thing is to find someone who is tolerant and open-minded and who you think you can trust. You can try to talk to him about some pedophilia without saying him, that you are a pedophile, it's good to find some reason why are you talking to him about pedophilia. Then you can decide if you want to tell him based on his reaction. But there is always a risk that the person will tell someone else.

    You mentioned seeking medical help, do you seek medical help. You know that you are pedophile, it seems to me, that you've accepted that you are a pedophile, that you realize that if you molested a child, you would hurt the child, you don't want to do that and it seems that you have some self-control. In such situation there isn't much a psychologist or psychiatrist could do for you. You have some worries and if I was sure you meet a good psychologist or psychiatrist, I would tell you to see him. But unfortunately a lot of them doesn't really have good knowledge about pedophilia and they might harm you.

    If you wanted to talk about your problems, contact me.

    Source(s): being a "half-pedophile" active in community of pedophiles
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    8 years ago

    Don't tell anyone you know personally - doing so would equal to suicide with 99% probability. Instead, join an internet community of law-abiding pedophiles - for URL check sources below.

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    A psychologist or psychiatrist legally cannot tell anyone what you tell them unless you give them permission.

    Get help.

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