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Why does it feel so stranged to be engaged instead of being happy?

he's the man all girls dreams of he is kind handsome faithful everything and since we prepare to marry i barely can feel happy like before... why ?


with him some of my dreams came true...

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  • 8 years ago
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    I guess there is a certain amount of freedom that you experience before you get engaged... The word engaged itself means something to that note... I would suggest - do an introspection.. close your eyes and think if you want to settle down... weather this is what you want at this stage of your life.. think about the good moments you spent.. look at the pictures of both of you together... happiness is very tricky... just try to know if you will be able to be what you are with him... wish you the best in life...

  • 8 years ago

    "he's the man all girls dreams "

    But is he the man of YOUR dreams? And are you really ready to marry?

    Many girls go through their young lives waiting for someone to ask them to marry - even modern women who are otherwise independent let the guy make all the decisions for them, and wait to be asked. If YOU are not ready, or you are not sure this is the man YOU should spend the rest of your life with, let him know that.

    Give yourself some time before mentioning it, but listen to that voice that is saying you aren't happy if you aren't. Now is the time to make sure, before you commit to something for a very long time.

    Sometimes it's cold feet, and all of a sudden a bigger deal than before once you say yes, but sometimes it's just not what you really want. Make sure.

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    8 years ago

    Cold feet. Everything takes time to get used to. Ur probably nervous.

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