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? asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 8 years ago

Can you under stand this ?(audio)?

I found it. I hear random korean words. I think I heard kawaii.

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  • 8 years ago
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    how do i make oppa sarang me


    i'm a korean kawaii hehe (dafuq)

    i really sarang this oppa but oppa doesn't sarang me

    i want to hold hands with oppa and be his girl

    oppa is so kawaii but oppa sarang another unni

    i really sarang oppa what should i do

    ah oppa is so kawaii and i really love oppa too much

    oppa saranghae

    please help me oppas and unnis and all dongsaengs

    i really want you to help me

    you are my sunbaenims sarang because me and some **** hoobaes because this is my first saranghae and i need this



    additional videos

    oppa no sarang my aegyo

    never mind, here's the original piece of sh*T

    Source(s): typical obsessed koreaboo/weaboo hybrid sh*t that doesn't know any korean/japanese kill it with fire
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