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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingPregnancy · 8 years ago

Morning after pill?????

Can the morning after pill turn my period more red in color im used to brownish red

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Katie, if you are on regular birth control, as you said you were in another thread, you do NOT need to use emergency birth control! In fact, you SHOULD NOT!

    That's the whole idea of regular birth control.

    To correct a misconception you have, you are STILL safe during the "placebo" week!

    The birth control pills give you month-long protection when you use them as prescribed.

    The only reason the placebo exists is that you must take a one-week break from the hormones each month, and the placebo just helps you keep on schedule, so you don't forget to take a pill!

    PLEASE do NOT use morning after pills when you are on birth control pills! It only gives you an overdose of the SAME hormones you are already taking!!!!

    As for the color of your menstrual flow, it can vary. Having added additional hormones to your body might make the flow a bit heavier. Make sure you are taking enough iron to avoid anemia.

    Stay on your normal schedule for the regular pills, and do NOT use any additional hormonal birth control while you are on them unless your doctor prescribes it!

    If you feel the need for backup, I'd recommend condoms, as the pills do not protect you from STDs, and condoms protect you from both pregnancy and STDs.

    And please--anyone on birth control pills--PLEASE read the literature that comes with the pills, or visit the website for your brand of pill so you understand how they work!

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