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No More asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 8 years ago

Do you see teens of today becoming positive influences of their future tomorrows?


Journey... what part of my question leads you to believe I have decided teens have no hope of being positive influences?

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    8 years ago
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    Having reared four teenagers. Two boys and two girls, I will say YES. Back when the boys were teenagers I would have had my doubts, but they have grown into fine young men. One took a bit longer than the other, but I am very proud of who they are today.. The girls.. never were a problem. They were a delight then and still are to this day. We always said we should have had four girls.. lol.. but wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    Not saying this is a gender issue, as I have seen teen girls who could give teen boys a run for their money in behavioural problems.

    So I guess my answer is that many go through some hard times... or should I say their parents do.. lol.. but many do GROW UP.. but sadly... many don't. But the ones who do mature, that I have seen, are positive influences, not just for themselves but for their peers.

    Source(s): Have thought about this a lot.. not just now but over the years of raising children.. I think the main thing is to keep believing in them, especially when they are going through a hard time.. that is when they need someone on their side the most. To be there and love them.
  • 8 years ago

    It depends on the situtation

    If the teens know and learn maturity in a young age it will be certain that the person will have a great life .

    I've seen famous people suffer from their youth but sometime their mid life it starts paying off .

    Look at lady gaga . She was bullied from school / Being very indepent and passionate about music. I dont think she had any friends when she was growing up but i think it was repayed in her fame.

    Another story of people that has suffered and achieved greatly was Nicki Minaj whos father was a drug or Alcoholic and she was very compassionate about being a person with talent and have a true meaning of the music industry and she was widely known to people .

    I am a teen aswell but i have the joy of philosphy and i guess art . When i see fights and foolish things i am like screw it even with kids they have so much social lives within them and sometimes i envy and get angry like a child but yet i still have that inner strength to live on . I think my youth years are well enjoyed by learning.

    Although u think u have no hope of teens these days i think we have hope for the future . Find the teens that are lonely , have inner strength , or maybe even have so much rewards and honors.

    and those people will succeed .Teens always make bad choices on the community but its normal because they're trying to enjoy their youth years But if they do not mature enough to a process where they feel superior all day that will become a bad problem to society and aswell as other people. Although their ego is high and they think they're "good" at everything people are not gonna respect that because they personality is full with **** , and they're gonna make a complete embarrassment upon themselves.

    This is what i think about the teens of today.

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    8 years ago

    Eventually everyone figures it out. Distractions are a challenge for any human, wht generation you are born in has no meaning. Making generalizations based on how things seem on the outside and assuming how people process them is not the way to do it. You seem doubtful of wht youngns are capable of; I think a lot of excellent people will come out of our time. Nxt time you are close to making any conclusion, rmember that you don't have all the facts. The sun still shines the same way, the sky, the moon, nature still blooms the same way, and knowledge is more available than ever before, so exploration is easy.

  • 8 years ago

    It is my opinion that "the teens" now applies to most people less than 40 years old; I find it rare that someone less than 40, especially males, have their heads crewed on properly. Add to that the absolutely dismal quality of today's educational system (in the US).

    This doesn 't provide that long a future, doe sit?

    So my answer is no, with not so frequent exceptions.

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    8 years ago

    Creativity wise: yes socially: somewhat everything else: no. Most Teens are to focused on keeping up with style and technology than looking to tomorrow. Also lays the fact that all the violent games that are played today have basically made them all lack basic humanity. Look around and you'll see, we have more soldiers and radicals on the way than visionaries.

    Source(s): My many hours of thinking and observation.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    I see teens of today as more, and more stunted by the public education, and by the billion bucks driven companies that manage to substitute their advertising for mental activity.

    Digital dementia has been a grumpy evaluation of older people who see their youth becoming robo-screen addicts. Now MDs are expressing concern over what is being seen as inadequate brain development in youth who spend their days stuck to the screen.

  • 8 years ago

    The purpose of child guidance.

    Often this guidance is due to the fact that the parents lack

    the proper mental and emotional balances themselves, and are

    not able to cultivate this into the child.

    More often however, it is the result of failure in the parents to

    understand the child's needs and how to meet them. Edward J. Flanagan ♥

    For my own opinion!

    I have seen many children who have had higher moral standards than their parents.

    It's just that the news media likes to "sensationalize their journalism" by

    posting all the bad things about people.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Erm...I don't think anything will meaningfully change XD

    You should check out this:

    The same argument applies to any sentence that begins "the youth of today are worse than a previous one because..." and the like :P

    (oh and in response to one of the answers above, the causal link between violent media and violent people has not been proven. It could just be violent people like violent media. (We don't arrest people for having child porn because it might MAKE them a pedophile, we do it because it is a precursor behavior and indicates they already are. :P))

  • Star T
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    8 years ago

    Negative. A majority of them are already on drugs. Rehabs in my area are increasing greatly. They don't see the future with optimism. And as you read it a lot in Y/A many of them think suicide is the answer to the negative feelings they have inside. Of course technology is a contribution to their isolation.

  • 8 years ago

    Many teens have the attitude that everything is ok, so no. but these teens were also influenced by those before them

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