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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 8 years ago

why do my parents buy everything for my brother?

my older brother is 20, im 17. my parents are well off financially, so why do they buy everything and anything that my brother asks for yet they dont want to spend money on me? he asks for two pairs of 300 dollar headphones, he gets them. he's gone through six or seven phones and laptops, all paid for by my parents. $40,000 car? sure. these are just a few examples - my brother has blown through thousands and thousands of my parent's money, yet they always praise him. all ive had is one $300 computer, one phone in my whole life, and now i want to borrow $1000 for a 2 grand motorcycle for which im paying the other half. they gave in and said okay, but they wouldnt buy me car as well, despite me asking for a shitty, beat up used car to use in the winter for less than 4 grand. im asking for something way less than what my brother got and yet they gave him an expensive car without a drop of hesitation and im left with 1000 to buy my only mode of transportation. its ridiculous. even if my parents had bought me both the bike and the car, they would have only had to pay 4,500 compared to the 40,000 they dropped on my brother's car. i know i should be grateful theyre giving me the money at all, but its ******* unfair how they splurge on my brother and praise him but wont give me ****. why do they do this? i bring this up and they deny they ever do this even when they cant list any of my belongings that ive asked them to purchase for me that total up to a grand. and they always wonder why i dont want to talk to them...

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Ask them straight out "was I adopted or left on the doorstep?" "Am I the product of an affair one of you had and you have decided to punish me for being born?"

    They are being unfair to you. each child has different needs but they have gone off the track.

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