I am a hopeful director growing up in Australia?

It's no secret that the film industry is in a crisis here in Australia. As a hopeful director, this discourages me terribly. At the moment I'm only 16, and with luck when I graduate from university the recession will have lessened its choke hold on the entertainment industry.

Unlike doctors or engineers, we directors are not guaranteed work once we leave college. Many of us will probably spend most of our younger lives eating two minute noodles. Are there any filmmakers out there in the world who have experienced something similar (as in been unsure as to what the future holds for them)? I'd like to either be consolidated or at the very least gain a picture of how my life may pan out in a bureaucratic society which is less than welcoming to budding directors.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Anybody who makes art isn't taking an easy path. The only way around the restrictions society puts on the artist (devalued in every way) is to do it anyway.

    Grab a copy of Rebel Without a Crew by Richard Rodriguez and then find a DVD of El Mariachi to see the film he made. There is also nice little ten minute film school in the extras of the disk.

    Film is in a state all over and nobody knows where it is all going to end up. Everything is a fifty fifty shot anyway. Try making some shorts first to see if it truly is your passion and if it is, get ready for an uphill battle for the rest of your life.

    Source(s): I am a produced screenwriter with feature film and TV credits.
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