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Does she like me or not.?

There was this girl who I was almost sure liked me. Every one of my friends thought she did. She gave me the signs and I even stopped talking to her for a bit and she still showed interest. Her friend said that she asked her if she liked me and she said no. Anyways, i told her I liked her and wanted to go out with her. She said I was so nice and awesome and she'd be blessed to go out with me but she isnt ready, she said maybe in the future. I texted her yesterday and I asked her how she felt about me and she said I was an awesome friend. I asked her if she liked me and she said yes but as a friend. She does think im cute because she told her friend. She was also shy around me and talked little to me. She also avoided eye contact (my eyes are really nice). She acted different around me. Via text, I get a lot of smiley faces and she also writes lol or lmfao or lmao alot. She always writes hey :), goodnight :), she even told me talk to you tommorow :)) everything with smileyyfaces. We were never really close as friends(didnt want that). I am not so sure Whats going on? Please help me figure this out. She stays up with me texting until 2 am?? Whts goin on?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    she's a bit confused that she likes you or not.let her give time and then ask her,don't rush have pateince in this case, bet know more about her as much as you can.when she will feel comfertable with you,then ask her out.In between keep telling her that i'll wait for the day when you'll be going out with me and we'll spend time together. Build your trust.when everything feels alright then again ask her and don't say i like her,directly say i love u.tell her what you feel about her. :)

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