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Am I just being paranoid?

On June 5th my boyfriend and I took a shower together. We didn't have sex but he did finish on my chest. I rinsed it off in the water immediately however I am very scared that it could have gotten me pregnant when I was rinsing it off. He fingered me after this but rinsed his hands off in the shower before hand. Could the sperm could have survived? I am very paranoid because I have very irregular periods. I woke up 2 mornings ago and my back muscles in my mid back were very sore and this I woke up this morning and it has moven down closer to my lower back. My cervix is very high today and seems closer and my discharge is sticky sorry tmi. Also today while laying down I noticed fluttering that I can feel and see below my belly button closer to my right hip. Could I be pregnant? Please, any help is appreciated. I'm extremely scared.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You aren't pregnant.

    Please learn more about sex if you are going to be sexually active. It affects us all.

  • 8 years ago

    your not pregnant....flutters in pregnancy start at 14 weeks-ish so that was probably just gas. I suggest going on the pill or something to that nature....

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