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How can selling fan art and such violating copyright?

As above. In Japan and many other place, the making of doujin (fan art to be easy for understanding) is very common. And in special event, such doujin or fan art can be sold for money (small, but still money). And i have a few question regarding this:

1) How come such things doesn't count as violating the copyright of the owner of the game, manga, comic,... which the fan art is based on?

2) Is a single line of "The...belong to their respective owner" is enough?

3) Can a publisher sold fan art for money, with every fan art with a single line like that?

4 If not, can they? What they must do then


3) There is company, publisher selling doujinshi (hentai mostly XD) for money. So most people say it is illegal, right. So what about such company, publisher.

4) And what must a publisher need to do (contact the owners, signing contract,...) right?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) It IS a violation of the copyright. But it can be difficult to find and enforce the copyright on small vendors like that.

    2) Hell No! Just giving credit does not give you the right to use and profit from somebody else's creation.

    3 & 4) I don't understand your question. Please restate.

    A comment on BCNU's answer above. I don't know about Japan, but in the US there is no option to enforce or not. You must enforce your copyright or you loose it.

  • 8 years ago

    "Fan art" is a type of "derivative work" that requires a license from the copyright owners. However, the fact remains that it is the choice of the copyright owners whether to enforce this or any other right.

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