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Stressful Grandma...Help?

My son has a different grandma than my others && she gets on my nerves. Her son (his father) went to prison before he was even known to be conceived and when she found out i was pregnant she was excited. The first couple years were fine. I noticed she was a little uppity and had some higher standards than me but i just pushed it aside until now. She lives 2 hours away and comes and get his every month in a half or so. When she comes she expects everything to be perfect (so she can show him off) this is understandable. but she gets mad if his shoes don't match his outfit or he has a juice stain on his shirt. How the hell am i supposed to stop a 3 year old from getting juice on his shirt. Or playing outside and getting kinda dusty before she comes. He's just a child!! But i shoved that one in the closet to and try and make her happy. But a few months ago me and my SO had some TERRIBLE financial trouble.we lost everything from our car to our washer and dryer. things got super rough and we have to walk everywhere we go and hand-wash clothes to dry (i know terrible) but we have been doing nothing but doing the best we can. her sister (and her) took it upon themselves to call CPS on me! they came looked around and told us everything was okay and immediately closed there case after 30 days. I told myself then that i was gonna cut back and put on rules on their visits but my heart gave in and i let her do whatever. But now thins just got worse. eveytime i see her its. you need to do this....or if you cant take care of him i'll quit my job and and take custody....and a lot of mean hurtful things from the quality of my house or my family. its annoying. So lately i been ignoring her. i have too much stress on my mind to deal with her and her ignorance. What should i do? how would you handle the situation. I am too the point where i don't trust let alone like her. and i know that its his grandma but i feel i should just tell her to f off till his dad get out in a year. HELP!!!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I had the same problem with my ex mother in law and my advice is nip it in the bud now!!! I would tell her look you have no rights to this baby and I legally do not have to let you see him. also, if you threaten me one more time I will no longer work with you. I'm the mommy not you! if you allow her to run over you she will. Stand up for yourself and don't allow her to bully you. wish you the best

    PS. I know things are hard on you, hold your head up and be strong

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