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G asked in SportsSwimming & Diving · 8 years ago

My swimming pool is cloudy, all chemicals are at the perfect level, help?

I can't get my swimming pool clear. PH is good, Alkaleninty is good, acid is good, but the pool is still cloudy. I've tried a clarifier and that didn't help so I shocked it with double the amount of shock andn brushed the entire pool and yet it is still cloudy. Any suggestions?

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  • Tim C
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    Keep the pump and filter running 24-7 until this is resolved. Not running it enough could cause this. So could a bad filter or inadequate flow. If you have not already add some algaecide but nut the cheap stuff that lists a copper compound as the active ingredient.

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    First, dont remember on a pool keep. including all those chemical aspects into the skimmer isn't a competent concept. Your good judgment is clever in spite of the undeniable fact that it somewhat is undesirable for the kit. If it hasnt befell too many times then you definitely would be high-quality. the main suitable thank you to characteristic chemical aspects is to slowly pour them over a return. this might mixture them high-quality. you may desire to get your CYA to 30ppm. CYA or cyanuric acid is a chlorine stabalizer. You lose maximum of your chlorine from sunlight. without stabalizer your pool would desire to lose all of its chlorine in in undemanding terms some hours interior the sunlight. To clean up this pool get your pH all the way down to 7.0-7.2. The decrease your pH the extra clever chlorine is. in case your CYA is extremely low get your chlorine point as much as a minimum of 11ppm and look after that time till it clears. this might in all probability require 2 shocks (verify the energetic element interior the powder plus- cal hypo is the main suitable ask your self) in line with day. you will would desire to characteristic arm and hammer baking soda to advance your alkalinity. late morning and after sunset are solid circumstances. Vacuum the pool many times (ideally to waste) and brush daily. verify your clear out daily and clean as mandatory

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