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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 8 years ago

Why does my mum not trust me?

I went camping with my friends on friday but my mum did not know. I told her I was staying at a friends house. This is because I knew if I was to ask her if I could camp out she'd say no,I'm 17 in 2 months and whenever I go out with friends I have to be in for half 7. My 11 year old cousin can stay out later than that. Surely she'd trust me? I tried to explain to her that if she trusted me,and wasn't so strict,I wouldn't feel the need to lie to her and be secretive. I'm doing well at school,I don't drink/smoke/ do drugs. Its like she doesn't want me to have fun with my friends,and I hardly go out because its embarrassing having to be in at that time. Why does she not trust me? And how can I get her to trust me?

I'm now on a grounding for 3 months,for sneaking around.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Maybe you should ask her, don't explain or complain about how strict she is. Maybe ask her if you can go out to coffee together and have some 1 on 1 time to talk things through.

    Hope this helps xx

  • 8 years ago

    She probably doesn't trust you because of the boys going around. Now, I'm not saying that you do get with the boys, and if you do then that's okay, but she could be over protective? She let's her younger daughter out more often because your sister is basically the baby and gives off the appearance that she doesn't have an interest in boys. Which could be a lie. I'm 14, and my mom doesn't trust me, but my sister who's 10, and has boys saying they love her(one tried to kiss her!!) and my mom trusts her! It's because she's the baby, and she gives off that appearance. You can try to do things like help your mom, and if you already do that then try to have a talk with her. And even though you do well in school, don't drink/smoke/do drugs, she could be worried about peer pressure. If you're sneaking around, that could be another reason. Now, yes, it makes sense to sneak around-- I wish I could get away with that!!! But, if you bring it up to her when she's in a good mood, and if at least one-two friends are girls--unless they were all girls-- then maybe you could try to have your mom talk to your friends' parents. And if there may be a boy(s), then maybe your friend's parents could not mention that part? Hope I helped! =3

    Source(s): Myself, though I have no experience with this stuff...
  • Shay
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Since you list your name as Abbie, I am guessing you are female. It is not just you that she doesn't trust. It is all those boys with all those raging hormones that she does not trust.

    The second thing is that you didn't respect her rules and you have a history of telling lies and sneaking around, so of course she is not going to trust you.

    Your almost 17, so you only have to put up with her rules for a little bit longer. Try to follow the rules even if it seems too strict and too unfair and see if it helps her lighten up a little. (maybe if you follow all the rules for a while, you will have a good argument next time you want to stay out a little later.....that is once you aren't grounded anymore.)

  • 8 years ago

    Your mom problaby just doesn't trust the people you're with. If she doesn't know them she probably thinks they're going to hurt you or something. You can't really nlsme her tho, the only things parents see is people on t.v. and in real life being stupid and making bad choises. If you're a girl a lot of stuff could happen to you and that probably scares your mom. As for making her trust you wait a while for things to calm down and don't protest. Next time you're making plans with your friends tell her ahead of time and maybe introduce her to your friends and their parents. If she thinks your friends are of good influence to you she'll probably feel better about lettinf you go out. For the being home by 7 you could probably get her to expand it by an hour or so after sometime. Don't expect her to let you go out soon tho, it will take sometime to earn her trust and get privilages. Hope this helped and good luck!

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