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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleOther - Beauty & Style · 7 years ago

Fragrance fanatics! Help me!?

What are the best sights to buy men's fragrances on? Sights that are trusted and mainly, offer a lot of discounts. Please list several that you really like because of their low prices especialy on stuff like Creed that's retardedly expensive. Also can you advise like some kind if fragrance club group email thing? Like where you sign up and every now and then they send you an email either recommending fragrances or (more importantly!) giving out coupons! Also if there are any stores you like to buy fragrances at please tell me!

So leave an answer telling me several websites that sell men's fragrances cheap (don't say eBay!) and also recomend a group letter type thing that gives out coupons frequently! Do these two things and I might choose your answer as best! (Which of course equals ten points!)

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  • 7 years ago
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    I buy mine @ Nordstrom or Macy's.

    Some perfumes may stink on you, depends on body chemistry. So, even the best-selling fragrance, may not smell well on you, but best answer is to try on a sample, and see HOW it reacts on your skin.

    How I know this? I bought dh one of the best colognes, smell good on another guy, but it didn't on him.

    This girl @ work, also has BO. Everyone knows she comes to work, like she showered everyday, looking fresh right out of the shower, etc. but she's got BO. Why? Her perfume is causing her to smell like she stinks!

    Perfumes I hate: Scada, Michael Kors.

    I like Bulgary Mon Jasmin Noir.…

    I also like Chanel 5.

    I bought Chanel 5, spray, but it was making me sick, it was just too powerful . . . .even though I loved it when I had a sample, so I took it back and got an exchange for the real perfume, that you only use very little, NOT SPRAYED ON.

    BTW: They go on my wrist, behind the neck, why waste expensive perfumes by putting them on your dress? How is your blood flow (veins) going to activate the scent?

    You are supposed to apply the perfume to your pulse points..those are the warmest spots on your body (with the excepting of your head). I've also heard that rubbing the perfume is "breaks" the perfume.

    Justin Timberlake: The 31-year-old says he is not a fan of overpowering aftershaves and prefers the just out of the shower smell. ''Call me crazy, call me weird but I like the smell of beer. I don't think men should overdo their aura or let people smell you before you walk into a room. I like a fresh out of the shower smell. ''I don't like smelling like flowers," he said.

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