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2006 Chrysler Sebring GTC. (convertible). 105K. Ran out of gas last week.?

Yesterday, ran out again. But, gas light did not come on, and tank read 1/4 of a tank. Fuel pump? Gas tank sensors? Would fuel pump make any kind of noise because she has been riding like a wheel bearing is going bad, or I have a balled rear tire. Not giving me the same kind of ride.

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    8 years ago
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    BALD tire is unrelated to anything you described except safety. Get two matching tires and solve the problem, probably bad strut permitting tire to bounce like a ball. Struts like tires should be replaced in pairs. Best practice is to see if you can match the new rear tires to the same as on front, 4 matching tires give more predictable handling, braking, etc.

    Tank: Fuel pumps are located inside the gas tank on most cars, not sure about yours. Believe it or not the fuel helps keep the pump cool. If you have a habit of running low on fuel, over time the pump has been running hotter than is good, shortening it's life which could account for the grinding noise. Some pumps and integral float assembly that transmits fuel level to the gas gauge. As far as the low fuel warning light, check it when you first start the car. On some cars all dash lights come on when you turn the key to the first position, on others you must actually crank and look for lights. Could be bulb is out but rather more likely it is related to the pump/float. The float doesn't sense it is low on fuel because it reads 1/4 tank, suspect float, unlikely the bulb. Battery should be disconnected at the source.There is a plate in the floor behind the rear seat and under the carpet/ trunk mat to access the pump assembly. VACUUM area so debris doesn't fall into gas tank. Then there is an access plate into the tank, sometimes the pump assembly is attached to the plate. Extinguish all smoking devices and warn your buddies not to smoke either if they visit. Debate is on as to whether cell phones can create a source of ignition but most gas stations have signs that say to turn off cell phones. Remove plate, unhook wiring harness, remove pump/float assembly, Reinstall.

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