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? asked in PetsCats · 8 years ago

My cat doesn't remember me?

I've had a cat for 6 years and my family and I just moved to a new state and he came with us and everything was good, the first 5 nights we let him outside and he came back like he used to but one day he went missing and we looked everywhere. It's been 4 months and today my brother found him up the street at someone else's house and he knocked on the door but nobody was home so we took our cat home. We are 100% sure it's him, the chip in his ear and same markings and occasionally responds to his name..He is heaps bigger, heaps! bigger than he was when he went missing so we're thinking whoever found him kept him inside. But now my cat doesn't remember me, he doesn't come near me like he used to, every time I go near him he hisses and I don't know what to do please help

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  • 8 years ago
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    Dave :: go **** off

    4 months, your cat went feral. He could've been completely lost and near starving for a month, and then the people fed him (outside likely, feeding something like canned cat food, thus him being big) and he wouldn't come near him but they took pity. I would go back and discuss to the owners of the house what happened, if they ever saw him. They could probably give you some background. That and they are probably sad to see him gone, thinking maybe something took him. Heck maybe they considered him a pet! Just for some closure, it'd be considerate, I know if I saw a feral cat and fed him till he was fat, then one day he completely disappeared I'd be scared because I'd thought he had died.

    Just try and slowly get him used to you. Slowly approach him. Talk to him, be soothing. Don't rush petting him. Just sit there and talk to him in a soothing voice. Find a treat he likes then give it to him. Once it's a bit more relaxed around you, try petting him. Just rub him face, chin, head. They like being rubbed there.

    And put him on a diet cat food, too.

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  • 8 years ago

    First, cats do indeed care about their owners. They dont' just "stay where there is food" and they certainly don't "dominate their owners".

    Your cat is probably just confused or frightened. For several months he's been living somewhere else and now he's back to a place he vaguely remembers and that smells vaguely familiar but it's all confusing to him.

    First, speak to the people you took the cat back from. I know you say you "know" it's your cat but if I'd been taking care of a cat fora fwe months and someone just took him, I'd be pretty upset. You also want to alleviate any lingering doubts that it is your cat.

    Then just spend some time with your cat, petting him and talking to him. He's scared now but he will remember and warm up to you again over time.

  • 8 years ago

    Cats dont really care about they're owners. All they care about is eatting, sleeping and hiding. And if your cat ventured out and someone was feeding hinge will stay around there because he knows he can get food there too. They dominate they're owners. They just stay anywhere where there's food and clearly he was getting alot of it so he was basically living the life! Lol

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