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why was Weimar Republic formed?

German History after first world war

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    The Weimar Republic was forced into existence by the Treaty of Versailles 1919.

    The monarchies in Austria and Germany were abolished by pressure from the French and the Americans in the Treaty..

    Those parts of Europe had been monarchies for about 1300 years but the treaty forced on both countries a French-style Presidential democracy.

    Since the monarchy of the United Kingdom was related by family history to both German and Austrian royal families, the British were ambivalent about this enforced republic, but overwhelmed by other votes.

    And the treaty included a blame-clause which said that the entire war and its consequences were the fault of the German government. Woodrow Wilson had promised the German delegation that no such clause would be included; but he was over-ruled by French emotions and anger. The German delegation was forced to sign it; practically at gunpoint, surrounded by dozens of armed Allied generals.

    Shortly after, a French army-of-occupation took over the Rhineland, the Saar and the Ruhr.

    Financial reparations were laid on Germany [but not Austria or Turkey, by the way] and the French took out of Germany industrial equipment, raw materials, finished goods, locomotives, power plants and so on in the period 1920-24.

    The Weimar Republic was doomed from its inception.

    The French and Americans between them opened the door for political extremism: Communism and Fascism.

    Hitler had an easy ride as a result.

    It was a hard lesson in failed regime-change; which the USA seems not to have learned even yet.

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    It was one of the fourteen points Woodrow Wilson wanted to establish at the Treaty of Versailles. It was made to ensure democracy and a fair government in Germany. It failed as a result of the excessive prosecution of Germany: too many funds to pay and no way to pay them back. People revolted. People wanted a new government. Plus Germany had kings and queens for centuries prior. Hitler had a cakewalk to take over Germany once he gained enough followers.

    Source(s): ap world history.
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    To fill the vacuum left by the abolition of the monarchy,

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