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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareLaptops & Notebooks · 8 years ago

My HP Laptop will not connect to Internet... WHATSOEVER!?

My laptop is an HP Dandelion Breeze which I doubt helps at all but when I tried connecting it to the Internet through an Ethernet cable it didn't connect to the Internet and I just blew it off as my laptop just being annoying. Later I tried using wifi at a different house and it worked fine. The next day I tried using the wifi at another house and it connected to the Internet but kept stopping or slowing down and I just figured that was happening because I was kind of far away from the router and again just blew it off as a little annoying thing. So I went to my moms apartment and it didnt connect at all. "Windows was unable to connect to [My internet's name]" is all tht is popping up and it's EVERY TIME. It also said it needed to be troubleshooted which I did so many times that I cant count and then I restarted my laptop again so many times I cant even count and no one there could fix it either but when it was hooked up to an Ethernet cable it worked. I went to my dads house a day or two later and the same thing happened but I never got the chance to hook it to an Ethernet cable. It will work on the Internet for about a minute or two mostly Facebook though and I click on a link someone has posted and it stops working. PLEASE HELP ME! I really do not want to restore my laptop. I have SO MUCH stuff on it. It is also relatively new. I have had it since Christmas 2011 so a year and a half. Again PLEASE HELP ME!

-Thank You!

2 Answers

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