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Can anyone help me find a good action, bloody, and crazy fighting anime?

A fighting anime like strongest disciple kenichi, grappler baki, etc. Also animes that has crazy fight scenes like ichigo when he fought aizen, luffy when he fought hody and like dragon ball with super powered attacks and stuff..

Especially martial arts anime, and i dont mind waiting 5-10 episodes for the crazy fights..

2 Answers

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    If you want jampacked with action then definetely watch Toriko.

    At first it seems kinda lame & not much going on, but it gets really good and serious after about 6 episodes and just keeps getting better from there.

    The characters both on the good & evil side have some crazy abilities.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if you are looking for a lot of fighting then you could try inu-yasha but the main fighting is with weapons..

    Full metal alchemist brotherhood would also be one to try for fighting albeit it is a little more like magic than martial arts fighting

    if you dont mind echii then definitely try Sekirei it has lots of martial arts fights

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