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My bf is 20, I'm 19 3/4 and the other girl is 21 and her bf is 20. So I love my bf and he is my soul mate and I would never ever hurt him. I've been with him for 1 and half years and I'm glad I've met and we've spoken about marriage plans for the future.

This girl, Sara, is my friend from about 4-5 years ago. We both went to HS together and we talked after she graduated. We weren't super close but we did talk to each other a lot. Mainly boys.

I met a guy from my HS the last month. I thought it was kind of cute how we met, he asked me for my number and asked me if we wanted to hang out. He called it a date and all and paid. And he gave me my first kiss. Yup at 18.

I told Sara about him and my first kiss. Within two months the guy and me stopped talking. We weren't serious but it did bother me the way things ended. I didn't know things ended until I found out he told someone else we were and so on. I was hurt but moved on. I told Sara all this.

She met him for the first time a few months later through her cousin in their group. The three of us hung out the next summer. I felt like she liked him and I asked her and she kept denying it. So I believed her. He honestly seemed into both of us so I didn't care much because I was already seeing my bf. A few months later I text the both of them. No one mentioned anything. Two weeks later they announced their relationship on FB. I cried the minute I saw it.

I was heartbroken b/c this girl gave me advice on him. She called him a douche and what not. Then she got with him? I'm ok that he didnt tell me because we were barely what one would call friends but I was definitely friends with her.

Just because I moved on doesn't mean a friend can just move right in. I wouldnt stop her from being with him but I wish she had told me and not had seen it on FB. She stopped talking to me completely after this.Like it somewhat hurts still and I just don't feel like anyone going to understand just b/c I have a bf doesn't mean he became nothing to me. I will love my bf til the day I die but it still hurts. Idk what to do :/

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  • jsn00
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    8 years ago
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    Everyone has their own story. Sometimes people really don't mean to hurt a friend at all but they just do. I'm not saying it was right of her to jeopardize a whole friendship on a guy, but she did what she thought was right. To her, you moved on and you're no longer into him and just not telling you and not having you potentially become a barrier for her to get to him was the road she took and now she's with him. I went through the same thing, except I still wasn't over my ex and it was a really close cousin of mine that was going after her. At first it bugged me like crazy, mainly because this was the person I told everything to. From how much I loved her to the fights and he was always on my side through every bit of it. The thing I learned from that whole experience was that there's a reason that I'm not with my ex and who am I to get in someone else's way of enjoying their life. It's not right that close people to us go after people we once viewed as our own but then again we can't be selfish either. Sometimes people become cowards and aren't able to face someone they don't want to hurt, by telling them the truth. But sooner or later the person left behind gets hurt anyways. You found out through social media of something that affected you, which is never a good way to find things out. But look at yourself now, you have someone there for you and nothing else should matter. You should be happy for yourself, because you moved on and found a new guy to have in your life and you should also be happy for your ex and your friend who may have found some happiness in the mean time. Let them be, and just live for yourself with the amazing life that you have.

  • 8 years ago

    Drop her as a friend and screw him and her because all she is, is a low life fake friend.

    Source(s): finding out who my friends are.
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