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Deleting files from external folder but music files remain in Itunes?

I have a external folder from which I have added a lot of music to itunes. But I notice one interesting thing, when I delete the files from this folder they are still active and playable in Itunes. Does this mean that if I deleted them all they would still be active in Itunes? And is it because I have the option checked off to make duplicates in the Itunes folder? I am asking because I would like to secure more HD space without compromising my files, but if they are duplicated I should have no problem, right? Any clarification before I proceed?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Run itunes

    Right click a song and select "Get Info".

    You will note at the bottom is "Where" , this is the location the music file is stored and played from.

    And Yes you are correct it was because of the settings in itunes when you added the music to itunes library...

    Run itunes > Preferences > Advanced > Copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library.

    This setting must have been checked...

    It would be my personal recommendation that you keep your music in two locations , with one as backup.

    Sorry , just ignore the following , this is if you want to keep the music on your external only.

    Read question a second time , i will keep it in as it may be usefull to some body.



    On a side note even if you plane to make changes keep the location of your itunes media folder in the default location ( Music).

    As itunes will just default to this location if the alternative location is unavailable ..

    And will not automatically restore to the alternate location when it becomes available..

    If you should decide to start a fresh and delete your library then re-add your music back to itunes with the copy function unchecked all itunes media folder will store is the artwork , play-lists and music files location.

    ( Just remember to click "OK" in "each" window if you make changes in itunes preferences )

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