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Should i let a guy i just became friends with move in with me because he doesnt have a place to live?

Okay so i just got a job and i met a man who works with me there and he seems nice , today i just found out he is living in a shelter because he took his father car and drove up to new york for a girl he thought was the love of his life, she ended up dumping him once he spent all of his money to see her, he previously came up here by plane to see her, he spent over a grand to come and now she decided to not continue to see him, the problem is he is scared to go back home because he doesnt know how to explain to his father that he left him to work alone to chase after some girl who ended up dumping him, also he doesnt want to go back because he lost his apartment an job from being up here so now he homeless, i told him he could stay with me for a lil while because im that type of person to no want to see someone struggle, if i can help than i will, the problem is i dont know if its a good idea, i dont know how to tell family an friends that some random dude is living with me, also he is attractive to me so i dont know whats to come an my love life is complicated enough, also what if there is more to the story he isnt telling me, any advice? what should i do ? anybody ever had to deal with this type of situation? how did it turn out?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Mmm Idk about living with u ..... Do some good back ground checks to make sure the guy a murderer..... u might like him but I really don't think that is safe u could let him in when its day or have him sleep in his car in front of ur house but I don't suggest letting him "live" with u

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