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help me to correct essay !

Local culture is very important nowadays but it will disappear soon.

In 2003, the century SARS epidemic hit Hong Kong's economy, tourism, hotel and retail bear the brunt of rising unemployment rate, the government anxious to seek countermeasures; June and the Central Government signed the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement" (CEPA), through the "individual visit" plan, mainland residents to visit their personal capacity, was first implemented in four cities in Guangdong province, which has continued to expand, has now launched in the mainland forty-nine cities, Hong Kong from a significant changed.

According to the newspaper articles,” Sing Dao “, It stated that since the program began, mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong by the two thousand years of 3.8 million passengers, jumped from 8.5 million three years, last year, but increased substantially over thirty-four million passengers, accounting for all visitor arrivals Seventy other countries travel to Hong Kong, and only add up to about fourteen million people, less than half of mainland visitors. Decade, mainland visitors increased by nearly tenfold.

It brings out some side effects, such as shop unitary and Prices, rising rents

In Causeway Bay, for example, found that the region has been reported earlier there Eve street stalls between pharmacies, banks have 28, the convenience store was only thirteen, while the data show that the region has at least seven pharmacies in the last year before opened. Hong Kong's malls and shops to cater to mainland visitors, more single, worse still, is the inability to renew the shops have closed down. No longer hear Cantonese Canton Road, Hong Kong will lose local characteristics.


Because exercise strong consumption power grab rent ground floor Shoppes at high prices, such as Lockhart Road, two years ago, the average shop rents have reached 600,000 vacancy rate is almost zero, as the now-closed Lee Yuan congee and noodle shop 500 square feet ground floor, even if it was the s

Update 2:

even if it was the same lease offer eight hundred thousand yuan. Estate agents directed at, only designed for shops mainland visitors to do in order to survive in this street.

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    Your essay, sorry to say, has serious problems:

    1. Chinese English;

    2. Choice of words;

    3. Grammar;

    4. Wording;

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    no words or grammar wrong!!

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