What is the average amount of pages you would write per chapter for a lengthy-ish novel?

I'm just wondering what is the average amount of pages that I could write per chapter without making each chapter too long or too short. I firstly do not want to bore my readers with never-ending chapters and second I don't want to annoy them by cutting the chapter off too early without explaining much. This book will also be a little lengthy but not harry potter lengthy lol I'm aiming for it to be just above average length. Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it!! :)

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  • sissyj
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    6 years ago
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    I think that between 5-10 pages should be good. However, you can have some longer and shorter, too. I think it should depend on how long your book is. I think that a book that is about 100 pages or so should have chapter that are between 5-10 pages, with some being shorter. Books that are longer should have chapters that are slightly longer, like between 10-15 pages, with some shorter and some longer. Having a long book with short chapters may get boring after awhile, especially for someone like me, who reads a chapter a day per book. However, some novels can pull off short chapters and still have a fast paced and interesting story. Some chapters that should be shorter may be the last chapter (since that chapter is wrapping up the story) and a prologue scene. Chapters that have a lot of the climax of the story should have a longer chapter.

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    First off, thanks for answering my previous question really helped a lot! Now then, a chapter would be at least 5-10 pages depending on the font size. If the pages font is lets say 12-14, it would be better to make it between 5 to 8 pages so it wont look boring, size 14-16 should be more than 8-10 pages if possible. Books like maximum ride is lengthy with normal font size 12 which takes about 2-4 pages a chapter. It mostly depends on the author since a chapter divides the story by its happenings.

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    i think of financial disaster length ought to rely on the story you're writing and the objective on your chapters. as long because of the fact the chapters ruin at a organic place for the story, then you somewhat're positive. you do no longer must be strict and set a fifteen-20 website restrict for each financial disaster, or something. as long because of the fact the story breaks logically, you have a 5-website financial disaster next to a 30--website financial disaster and it would be positive.

  • Athena
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    6 years ago

    Write enough to tell your story.

    Some chapters maybe longer than others.

    Just write your book and don't worry about how long it is.

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