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I lied about my past?

When I first met a guy, I told him that one night I snuck out, went to a bonfire, and accidentally got high because someone had thrown weed in the fire. I didn't even know if that was even remotely possible, but I said that bc he hung out with a group of guys that did that sort of stuff, and I wanted to impress him. Turns out he was only chilling with them for the time being and is completely clean. WELL SO AM I. We've been talking everyday for almost a month, and I just wanna tell him that it was all a lie. Except he keeps going back to it, and teasing me with "Don't sneak out to a bonfire tonight ;)" And I don't know how to tell him I was a lying about that because I JUST admitted that we're the same age really, I'm just a grade level ahead. I'm so screwed.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Wellllll. To me it sounds like a harmless lie. People do it all the time in fact. And no you can't get high from throwing weed in a bonfire. It would just burn. You don't really have to tell him, but if you really want to you can be like "Okay so I lied about that, and I feel really silly about it...blahblahblah". There's nothing wrong with being honest about something so silly I don't think it will ruin anything if you tell him the right way. Good luck though xo

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