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Getting rid of an eviction from credit?

My boyfriend is really upset because he was denied from getting an apartment today due to an old eviction notice on his credit. When he was 21 (about 4 years ago) he rented an apartment with a friend. 3 months before their lease was up his friend said he couldn't afford the apartment anymore, and literally left in the middle of the night. And completely ignored my boyfriends phone calls and everything. Leaving him (who was in college) with an apartment he couldn't afford on his own. He tried to explain this at the time to the landlord, who he said was sympathetic but obviously couldn't do anything, and he just had to leave. Leaving him with an eviction case obviously. He said a few months later he tried to call the landlord and see if some type of deal could be made to remove the eviction from his credit, but that she was asking for way too much that he couldn't afford.

Since then, he has lived in an apartment, but it wasn't that great of an apartment so I guess that's why they didn't look that deep into his credit. He lived at this apartment without any problems, paid his rent on time and left the apartment complex on good terms, but now he's trying to move into a new establishment (nice apartments), but due to that eviction case on his credit he will contiuned to get denied.

Is their anything he can do to get this removed from his credit? Has anyone had a similar experience and been able to resolve it? Is their anyway he can appeal it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    He has to pay it. What possible appeal would he have to entitle him to the landlords income? None. There is no appeal anyway. The eviction is only collecting interest now, the sooner you pay it the better.

    This will effect your bf's ability to find good employment too. If he is willing to steal from the landlord he is willing to steal from anyone else.

  • 7 years ago

    Obviously he knows he made a mistake henor his girlfriend asked for everyone to further point that out. BY the way when you fully pay the landlord off does not mean it is going away! It stays part of your record for 7 years as far as I am aware and then after the 7 years and paying the old landlord off you can legally have anyone who has it as part of their records remove it. If anyone knows any other away around it please let us all know. For all you financially strong individuals your lucky but please stop rubbing the fact that you have never fallen on hard times in everyone elses face. Go hang out with your well off friends!

  • 8 years ago

    so your bf is just now learning a lesson about renting, and also a hard lesson about renting with other people. When a person rents an apartment each person needs to be able to pay the entire rent, the extra money that comes in then is just (as they say) gravy (spendable income). NEVER think that when you rent with someone that it's because you can't pay the entire rent or assume that you live with them so they will pay the balance of the rent...or you will get stuck...just like your bf did. When a person signs a lease they are responsible for the entire amount. When two people sign a lease EACH is responsible for the ENTIRE amount. So there was no explaining to the landlord because the landlord would never hear what the bf was saying. Fine so your bf broke the lease and owed a balance. When an eviction is made they give you a letter on your door or in hand that says you're to leave in 3 days. Then they take the matter to court which the judge places a "judgment" on them plus interest and attorneys fees and that amount builds and continues to build until it's paid.

    So the first thing your bf should do is write the credit bureau and ask that the landlord provide a copy of the judgement for the eviction. Then your bf should pay the amount they are asking. Then it will be removed from his credit report. There is no other way. He will have to work two jobs or three jobs until it gets paid off. Nobody is going to pay his bills or pay for his mistakes but him. The longer he waits the higher the judgment amount will be.

    Pay the bill.

  • 8 years ago

    First of all, are you talking about a derogatory item on his credit report or a court judgment in his name? In some states, eviction is carried out by a judge and results in an order of eviction against the tenant. Smart landlords check both credit reports and any court judgments on any prospective tenant. Reversing a court judgment requires another court order. For derogatory items on your credit report, there is an appeal procedure....but from what you are saying, your bf did in fact default on his lease and get evicted, so there would be no point in trying to appeal the bad item on his record. The whole story about the roommate is not an excuse for not paying the rent.

  • 8 years ago

    There is no appeal once an eviction judgment has been legally lodged and recorded. Your boyfriend will need to resolve this with the former landlord, as he should have done in the first place. The old landlord is due the money involved. She does NOT have to settle for one penny less.

  • HJW
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    An eviction stay on credit report for 10 years, no ways around this.

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