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Is One Piece even worth watching now?!?

I just finished episode 583, and it's getting way too predictable.

EVERY FIGHT, obviously it's always the good character winning. That's getting way too annoying.

Yes, I know that there was a scene where crocodile beats luffy, but seriously, that was 450 episodes ago...

I'm kinda pissed now as the whole thing is just them sailing to island to island, encountering problems that are devastating at first but then they overcome it -.-

*Sigh* I'm just wondering if it's even worth watching.

Just really pissed of dropping a potentially-great anime, that I took so much time into...

Is it even worth watching? What is your opinion.

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    8 years ago
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    The anime right now is seriously screwing up a great arc. Punk Hazard was absolutely hilarious in the manga. I suggest you just start reading the manga and only watch the anime once you've accumulated a lot of episodes, because watching an episode a week is kind of unbearable at this point. I assure you, the manga is much better.

    Also, they kind of have to win right now. Punk Hazard is the first island in the new world after everyone got their upgrades, if they started losing already it would feel like the timeskip happened for nothing. Especially given the fact that they lost so much before the timeskip with them getting destroyed on Shabondy and the entire point of the Whitebeard War saga building up to Luffy saving Ace ended in a miserable defeat. It's like they just couldn't win for a while there. On the arc we are on right now in the manga, Dressrosa, their luck has finally ran out. I assure you things aren't going to be so smooth from here on out.

    The fights you're watching in the anime were WAY less significant in the manga, that's why it didn't really matter that they won like nothing. They're stretching out chapters that take 2 minutes to read into a 22 minute episode and really spreading each conversation, each fight, and each joke so thin that it feels like a huge waste of time, I get it. They're only doing that for the same reason they always have, so they don't have to go on fillers when they get close to the manga. I just go a month or two without watching One Piece and then I watch all of those episodes at once so the pacing doesn't seem so bad, while obviously reading the new chapters each week.

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    8 years ago

    Have you noticed how, in EVERY SHOW and EVERY MOVIE the good guy wins. The good guy is usually strong, attractive, outgoing, etc.. The villian is usually an ugly loser creepo type. Does this all make sense now? Everything is the same. The world injects what they like to see into their entertainment, namely good genetics and strong morals.

    Is One Piece worth watching? I would have to go with no, because I agree with all your points. But if you still enjoy watching it then by all means continue. Although really it is wasting your time. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Stuck in a homeless shelter watching One Piece, I think not.

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    8 years ago

    personally I dun like long stories,especially when it's still on going.

    it would be best to wait 'till all its EPS go out,'cause waiting a whole week just to watch a a single miserable episode... I'd say it's so damn boring.

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    8 years ago

    I used to watch it but then it got really annoying so I stopped.

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  • 8 years ago

    depends on u like it or not

    Source(s): i will not watch because too much episodes if u are brave and u can think handle it go ahead and one other think if u like the anime and decided to watch u might lost ur mind u will waste so much time in that series
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