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I'm trying to be healthier with the food I choice. Any advice?

I really have been trying to eat healthier and be more fit.

I was wondering if you have any breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are a healthy substitute for foods(spaghetti, Chicken with sides, etc..) Also, do you have any healthy snack and maybe even some of those healthy dessert recipes? ;D

Lastly, any exercise routines you might do weekly.

Thank you so much!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try to avoid foods high in carbs - fries, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread. Replace them in meals with a mixed salad topped with whatever kind of dressing you like. Avoid highly-processed meats like the kind you find in the frozen food section of your supermarket covered in breadcrumbs. Buy fresh meat from your local butcher instead. Avoid sodas as much as possible, they're basically just sugar water filled with calories.

    If you want to snack between meals, buy a big bag of unsalted mixed nuts and raisins. Much more filling than eating crisps (potato chips) and healthier too.

    It can be a big shock switching to a healthier diet. The best thing is to just introduce changes one at a time. If you wake up tomorrow deciding only to eat healthy food you'll last 2 weeks at the most. Taking a long-term view and gradually replacing things with healthier alternatives over months is much easier and you'll stick with it longer.

  • 8 years ago

    Spaghetti squash and homemade salt free sauce, no meat. Dessert: apple. Breakfast, green vegetables. One of each color fruit and vegetable daily. Snacks: as needed, carrots, celery, sliced apple. Exercise, run every day, bike. Calisthenics, dance, gym. Try you tube to correlate with X equipment that you own, like, stretch tubing.

  • 8 years ago

    Eggs are very high in protein and are very healthy, except for their fat content. If you only use the egg whites, though, then the fat content is zero.

    Fruits are always a good snack for me! I like eating apples with soy nut butter (or peanut butter, whichever you prefer), since soy nut/peanut butter is high in protein and fiber.

    Fish is also very healthy, in terms of having the correct fats that boost one's metabolism. Not fried fish or raw fish, but baked or steamed fish tends to be healthy.

    Although one should avoid carbohydrates, one still needs them to survive. Focus on using fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to fill up that requirement.

    Source(s): Online nutrition information, personal experience
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