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Is my Artwork good or bad?

I started in art lots of times before, when i was a kid. my drawing in paper was a bit dumb XD, now is better.

later i started Digital art on Newgrounds and deviantART, but it didn't was very good. I created a Sonic fan movie called "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Flash Movie" this movie gets lots of mixed to negative reviews. i created a internet series called "The A-F World" and guess what? Mixed to negative reviews again! :( i actualy know more about flash animation.

My first art in deviantART din't was really good, some original sprites looked like ****, and other fan sonic/mario characters sprites i made were created with recolor, but i don't do that anymore, a lot of people think recolor sucks, they think recolor is stealing and unoriginality. seriously, most of people that use recolor use it because they suck at drawing original sonic/mario characters so bad that the best sonic/mario fans trolls him

And about original characters, some where characters made by my mind. and other characters were tribute to famous people and famous characters (James Rofle, Kirby, etc.)

Anyway, is my Artwork good?

My deviantART and Newgrounds sites:

Images of some of my artwork made in paper:

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  • 8 years ago
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    Wow! No, you should stop this. I usually do not discourage people from doing what they enjoy, but this is terrible and can only end badly.

    You should be learning useful skills, like broom work or patty flipping. Please throw out or donate your pencils... Stop this madness. I don't know how to say this.... Please don't draw, you're awful.

    Okay now I have to figure out how to unsee those...

  • 8 years ago

    Drawing on paper is probably the best way to start. Most people don't start digitally right off the bat because if they don't have the basics on paper, they are missing fundamentals.

    Recoloring can be a practice, it could be a place to start learning. It's okay to do it depending on what your goals are. If you want to get practice coloring, then why not? If you're hoping to design characters, recoloring probably won't get you anywhere.

    I see that you are aiming for a cartoony look, the design for your characters are a little bit weak at the moment. Although they are 'original', they don't quite feel that way. They are too generic. What makes a good character design? People must be able to recognize it to some extent, and then adding a small twist to the character to make it different. 80% of a character should be something we, as people, are familiar with. It's the 20% twist you put on it that makes it seem unique.

    Your drawing skills at the moment seem to be weak. I would suggest practicing drawing from observation for a while to improve the overall skill set and then resuming with the character designs. A good practice is to draw different creatures/animals with different proportions and then once you're used to them, you can mix and match different features and characteristics as experimentation in the process of creating a 'new' character. Many of the successful characters of designs have the 80% to 20% ratio I described earlier.

  • 8 years ago

    You would be correct in staying away from recolors, as those are not only unoriginal but plagiarism as well. On that note I would also advise you not to submit anything ripped from another source, such as the copyrighted sprite edits in your gallery. That is also plagiarism, and you can get reported and banned for such an offense.

    I wouldn't say that your art is bad, but it appears to be the rather flat and stiff work of a beginner. You could use a lot more practice - and that's really all anyone can do no matter their level of skill. Look at references, tutorials, and try to get a good grasp of anatomy (human, animal, whatever you want). If possible, take some art classes. Life drawing is a good example of a basic class.

    Source(s): Professional artist with over 20 years of experience
  • 8 years ago

    Don't listen to Zero Cool. I think you can turn your drawings into really great vector art. If you haven't heard of Adobe Illustrator, I highly recommend you start learning it if you want to take an art career seriously. Just look at what I did with your kirby drawing below in my sources link. I put the transparency low so that you can still see my vector drawing and your sketch. I think if you can draw these kinds of characters on paper, just imagine what you could do with these characters in Adobe Illustrator :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I think Zero Cool was just a bit harsh... ^.^"

    The 6th link is cute.

    If this is what you enjoy then go for it! It doesn't matter what other people think, although your drawing may require a bit more variety. Be creative, and just do what you like!

    Embrace your drawings, for they are forever with you. I wish some of mine weren't. e.e"

  • 8 years ago

    haha cute. expect you should enjoy right down your street :)

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