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Native english please help?

My english is bad please revise this sentence into a good sentence and grammaticaly correct

"students often face difficulty in writing narrative text. Sometimes there are many errors in the text they've written, begin the selection of words, grammar is not in accordance with the rules of writing, until the meaning is difficult to understand by the reader. It was all because of lack of knowledge as well write their language is not the language itself. Low motivation of students who are not interested in their cause against Writing activities which also resulted in a tedious activity, due to a lack of knowledge of the writing process. "

thank you in advance..

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    "Students often face difficulty in writing narratives. Sometimes there are many errors in the text they have written, such as the selection of words and incorrect grammar. This results in poor understanding by the reader. The cause is the lack of knowledge as well as not being fluent in the language. In addition, students with low motivation have difficulty in these activities."

    I rewrote it as I would in a formal essay, I hope it is appropriate. ^^ And no offense, but how ironic!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "Students often face difficulty in writing narratives. Sometimes there are many errors in the narratives that they have written this is because they have a poor understanding of English grammar and they do not use the right words when writing a story, this causes readers some difficulty in understanding the narratives that the students have written. This is can be caused by a students lack of knowledge in the English language an grammar which can be a result of a lack in motivation to learn the skills needed in writing.

    I tried my best it was hard to correct, I had to re-write it :)

    Source(s): What was this for by the way?
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